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On-Line Professional Development for 4-H Staff
Fri, 05/06/2016

As many of you may recall, last fall you were presented with an opportunity to increase your Professional Youth Development skills by completing three different Better Kid Care online Positive Youth Development modules.  There was great response to those initial modules, so we’re pleased to offer five additional Better Kid Care Positive Youth Development Foundation Modules that will continue to enhance and strengthen your PYD skill set. 

The five Better Kid Care Foundation Modules we’re pleased to offer include:

  • PYD Foundations: Child and Youth Growth and Development
  • PYD Foundations: Interactions with Children and Youth
  • PYD Foundations: Cultural Competency and Responsiveness
  • Safety and Wellness (Physical and Emotional): Available for completion September, 2016
  • Youth Engagement: Available for completion November, 2016

In addition, your 4-H Coordinator will be offering opportunities to do two of the modules in a group setting.  Please keep an eye out for communication from your district coordinator regarding these discussions.

We ask that all Educators complete all five modules by April 1, 2017.  Assistants and others interested in youth development are welcome to access this opportunity as well.  We are able to track who has successfully completed the lessons and will be collecting immediate post, and 3 month follow up evaluation data to see how these professional development efforts are influencing how we do our work.   To start the process, please use the following information.  If you’ve previously completed Better Kid Care Modules, you can utilize your existing username and password.

Contact Kathleen at klodl1@unl.edu or your District 4-H Coordinator if you have any questions! 

Author: Kathleen Lodl

2016 Regional Interview Contest
Fri, 05/06/2016

Registration materials for the Regional Interview Contest can be found at https://unl.box.com/s/viwpogfu5c3hxont20q7vu7tjfvesulm.  Please send entry form, fee, resumes and cover letters to Mary Jarvi, UNL Northeast Research and Extension Center, 601 E Benjamin Avenue, Suite 104, Norfolk, NE  68701-0812.  Please direct any questions to Kim Bearnes, kbearnes1@unl.edu.  Entries are due by May 12, 2016.

Author: Kim Bearnes

2016 4-H State Fair Pins
Fri, 04/29/2016

2016 Nebraska State Fair 4-H Pin Orders:  We are once again making these pins available for counties to purchase for use at their county fair (some counties have denoted an interest in purchasing extra pins so that they can place them on or by the exhibits that have been selected to advance to State Fair).  The cost of the pins is approximately $.72/each.  We hope to have these in time for PASE so you can pick them up then. These pins can be ordered by emailing Kim Novotny at knovotny5@unl.edu.  I will send you an invoice when we have final numbers. 

If you are using your non-tax revolving cost objects, please provide the cost object number in your email to Kim.  If your 4-H Council is purchasing, be sure to indicate to address the invoice to your 4-H Council and provide the mailing address. Please have orders to me by end of the day May 9, 2016!


Author: Kim Novotny

County Life Challenge Packet
Fri, 04/29/2016

The following contains information about the county and state Life Challenge events, and FCS Quiz.

County Life Challenge

The 2016 County Life Challenge Packet (including County Life Challenge Questions and Placing Questions for beginning and advanced levels) was distributed to the NEBR4H listserv on April 28. To meet local needs, please make necessary changes to the county contest to fit your situation. If you have questions about ways to implement your county contest, please contact Michelle Krehbiel (mkrehbiel2@unl.edu).

State Life Challenge

Plans are underway for the 2016 4-H FCS Life Challenge Event.  We anticipate a great event and are looking forward to having youth come to campus to compete.  A state Life Challenge packet will be sent out in May with additional information for the state contest. We are also currently looking for volunteers and judges for the 2016 state event. Please contact Michelle Krehbiel (mkrehbiel2@unl.edu) to volunteer.

FCS Quiz

Once again we will be offering the FCS Quiz for 8-10 year olds. This year the quiz will be available as a document download that will be sent to you in an email in May.  You will be able to print off the quiz and give it to the youth.  The person administering the quiz will be responsible for grading the quiz. 

Thank you for your continued support of the county and state Life Challenge!  I appreciate all the work  you do to support FCS event! If you have any questions about the FCS contests feel free to contact Michelle Krehbiel at 402-472-9020 or at mkrehbiel2@unl.edu.  I am looking forward to an exciting 2016 Life Challenge Event.

Author: Michelle Krehbiel

Extension Educator 4-H Youth Development College Readiness & Career Preparation
Fri, 04/29/2016

UNL Extension is looking for an Extension Educator who would provide statewide leadership in college readiness and career preparation and develop focused learning experiences that engage youth in decision making around careers and preparing for college. For a detailed position description & how to apply, go to https://employment.unl.edu/postings/49435. Review of applications will be 05/30/16. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is committed to a pluralistic campus community through affirmative action, equal opportunity, work-life balance, & dual careers.

Author: Kathleen Lodl

4-H Summer Reading Connections Recording
Fri, 04/29/2016

Are you considering participating in the 4-H Summer Reading Connections program?  Below is the link to the informational webinar from earlier this spring and the link to the resources.


The link to all of the resources for this year’s program in Box is https://unl.box.com/s/v80lf09bh9lt1ldemsqne2j9jskkdzx5

There is an opportunity for each county participating in the 4-H Summer Reading Connections to submit up to $50 in expenses (travel/supply).  Eighteen counties have already signed up. Please sign your county up by filling out the following Google Form to be eligible by July 1.  Details can be found on the PowerPoint presentation that is also found in Box.


You must submit appropriate paperwork with receipts to:

Judith Rastede

NEREC/HAL and the Greater Nebraska Business Center
601 East Benjamin Avenue  Suite 104
Norfolk NE 68701-0812

Please let Jackie Steffen know if you have any questions about this year’s program! She can be contacted at 402-254-6821 or at jsteffen2@unl.edu

Author: Jackie Steffen

Nebraska Leading the #TrueLeaders State Challenge!
Tue, 04/19/2016
If you haven’t read today’s issue of 4-H Professionals News and Notes, be sure to check it out — WE (Nebraska) are currently in the lead in the 4-H #TrueLeaders Challenge, with Indiana and Texas following closely behind! Thanks to everyone who has shared a social media post! The challenge ends next Friday, April 23, so shout out a true leader on social media and support our state’s voice in this national campaign. The winner of this challenge will receive a special social media shout out from a celebrity.

As a reminder, posts must contain both the #TrueLeaders and #NE4H hashtags to be included in our count. There are many great posts being shared through social media by 4-H staff, parents, volunteers, partners, government officials, and others. However, if the posts do not contain both the #TrueLeaders AND #NE4H hashtags, they unfortunately won’t be noticed by a larger audience. Please follow these steps when creating posts:
1.     Create social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Share in your post a photo or video of youth. Tag others pictured if possible.
2.     Add Hashtags. Be sure to add the hashtags #TrueLeaders AND #NE4H (specific to Nebraska) to your post.
3.     Post and Post Often!

Also, likes and shares from the Nebraska 4-H social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) are EASY ways to participate in this campaign. So if you don’t have a specific shout out to share, please support these posts and the posts of others using the hashtags.

Thanks again for your support of the campaign! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Author: Tracy Pracheil

IRS Filing Information
Tue, 04/19/2016
It seems as if our last helpful information from the auditor has helped you be more successful in filing!
A few continued reminders:
  1. Print and keep the page that says filing is confirmed in each club’s official folder.
  2. Please do not call the IRS, if you are having any issue, please check with me first.  Many times our auditor can help us first.
  3. We have obtained a link for checking on clubs that won’t go through the process or if you are in need of checking on EIN numbers.  We have resolved several issues by following these steps. The link gives a phone number that they should be able to call and find out the EIN assigned. https://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Lost-or-Misplaced-Your-EIN. It is appropriate to call this number to ask about a club.  Remember these facts for that conversation.
  • You are a preparer, who has authority to file on behalf of this club/council.  In some cases, the person you talk too may only give the information to the leader/president.  We have had office staff obtain this information and other times it requires the club leaders or council president to make the call.
  • The clubs/councils are subordinates of the Nebraska 4-H Foundation.
  • You are checking on names/addresses/correct EIN #’s in the system to help the club/council file.
       4.  See past emails I have sent with other tips!

Keep letting me know how the process is going.  After the May 15 deadline, I will ask for your clubs that were unable to be filed.

Author: Lisa Kaslon

District and State Horse Show Entry Webinar - Reminder!
Tue, 04/19/2016
Dr. Lena Luck and Katie Pleskac will host a webinar to cover the District and State Horse Show information and entry process. The webinar will be held on Thursday, April 28, 2016, at 3 pm CDT. The webinar will be recorded and posted online. The link for the webinar is: http://connect.unl.edu/kpleskac2.

Author: Katie Pleskac

Livestock Quality Assurance Online Questions
Mon, 04/18/2016
If you have Livestock Quality Assurance Online questions, please email information to lqa@unl.edu, or call the online help number at 855-308-8037 and we will be happy to assist you!

Author: Kim Wellsandt, LQA Program Assistant