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Volunteer for FIRST Tech Challenge
Thu, 12/08/2016

Have you heard of FIRST Tech Challenge? FIRST Tech Challenge  is designed for youth in Grades 7-12 who want to compete head to head, using a sports model. Teams are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams. The robot kit is reusable from year-to-year and is programmed using a variety of languages. Teams, including coaches, mentors and volunteers, are required to develop strategy and build robots based on sound engineering principles. Awards are given for the competition as for well as for community outreach, design, and other real-world accomplishments.

  •  Design, build, and program robots
  •  Apply real-world math and science concepts
  •  Develop problem-solving, organizational, and team-building skills
  •  Compete and cooperate in alliances and tournaments

We are looking for volunteers for the FTC State Championship to be held on Saturday, January 14, 2017, at the Lancaster Event Center, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Volunteer roles can be found at https://unl.box.com/s/mtjd4djssko7hf58689m6di8qbsobbea. Additional information is listed in the document.

How do I volunteer?
All volunteers MUST register with FIRST via the Volunteer Information Management System (VIMS)

As part of the FIRST Youth Protection Program, volunteers will be screened with a background check. Please note: You do not need to provide your SSN nor pay the $2.50. Once you log into VIMS, you will be able to indicate the event you are able to attend as well as you preferred volunteer position(s).

FIRST, and specifically FTC in Nebraska, is successful because of the wonderful volunteers at these events. We could not provide this experience for these students without the dedication from amazing people like you. We are ALWAYS looking for new volunteers so spread the word!

Questions? Contact Brandy Wagner at 402-472-9023 or at bwagner5@unl.edu.

Author: Brandy Wagner

ESI Capitol Contest - Applications Due December 16
Thu, 12/08/2016

The FIRST ESI Capitol Contest will be held at the Nebraska State Capitol on January 11, 2017.                                    

This is a wonderful opportunity for our young entrepreneurs to share what business ideas they have developed, talk with Legislative officials, tour the capitol, receive special recognition from the legislative body and perhaps go home with a cash prize from the competitive event!

The Contest Rules and Information can be found at https://unl.box.com/s/a9i7ugxvdks2t9e21p8h7jc4ozv177g1. Due to space limitations, only 14 students or student teams will be accepted to compete on January 11.

Applications are due December 16, 2016. The application is available online at http://go.unl.edu/864r.

Questions? Contact Nancy Eberele (402-366-8001, neberle@mainstaycomm.net) or Marilyn Schlake (402-471-4138, mschlake1@unl.edu).


Author: Nancy Eberle and Marilyn Schlake

NAE4-HA Membership Renewal
Thu, 12/08/2016

We would like to send you a friendly reminder to renew your membership to our national association, NAE4-HA, and to update your profile. If you do not complete this step you will not be eligible for awards. To complete your profile just go to http://www.nae4ha.com/membership. Scroll down to “Already a Member” and click on the Membership Renewal/Update Form. This will lead you to the website to log in and update your information. Once you have received a confirmation email, please email it me at jschoen4@unl.edu. That way we can add you to the National list.

If you are a new member you will go the NAE4-HA website and click on the link under New Member Profile Form. Here you will complete your profile and then again send your confirmation email to me. If you don’t get a confirmation email send me a screenshot of your membership profile. Also if you are a new member, we would invite you to sign up for our listserv. To do this go to http://listserv.unl.edu/. Click on “Subscribe to a List”, enter your email and 4HSECT as the listserv name. Upon clicking submit you should receive an email confirmation.

Steps to complete:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (308) 346-4200 or jschoen4@unl.edu

Author: Jennifer Schoen

NE4H Website Updates
Thu, 12/08/2016

New 4-H companion animal program pages have been published on the Nebraska 4-H website. They can be viewed here: http://4h.unl.edu/companion-animal.

The Project Resource Central webpages (http://4h.unl.edu/project-resource-central) will not be updated for 2017. These pages will soon be replaced with a web-based application. The application includes a searchable database of projects and their learning objectives and resources. The database has been cross-referenced with 4-H Online to ensure that what families see in the app is what they can enroll in on 4-H Online. Projects are searchable by level (county, state), experience level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), project area, and curriculum area. Please stay tuned to 4-H Alerts for more information.

If you have any questions regarding web updates please contact Danielle Dewees, ddewees@unl.edu or 402-472-9049.

Author: Danielle Dewees

Livestock Quality Assurance Transition Plan
Thu, 12/08/2016

We are excited to announce that Nebraska is part of a national team introducing a new QA Curriculum called Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA).  The YQCA course will be available online 24/7 and we anticipate that the new course will be available on or about March 1. 

  • From now through March 1, you can continue to use the current LQA online course.  As in the past, youth completing the LQA online course will need to complete three new modules with an 80% or better.  Youth must print and deliver module certificates to their local Extension office.
  • At the point where the new YQCA course comes online (March 1), the old LQA course will not accept new 2017 participants.  Instead, youth will enroll with the new YQCA.
  • Note:  For youth already in progress toward attaining the 2017 LQA module prior to March 1, youth will be able to continue their work and complete the required three modules. 

Registration questions may be emailed to lqa@unl.edu or 855-208-8037.  There will be no technical support from December 23, 2016, through January 2, 2017.

Author: Kathleen Lodl

Dairy Project Member, Scholarship Opportunity
Thu, 12/08/2016

Below is an opportunity for 4-H and FFA dairy project members in Nebraska. The Wells Fargo Iowa Supreme Champion Dairy Heifer Scholarship Show is designed for youth receiving supreme and reserve supreme junior champions at their county fair. Youth from Iowa and all surrounding states are included. Last year, $3,500 in scholarships were awarded to the top three of the show.

I am encouraging you to add Supreme and Reserve Supreme Junior Champion as a selection at your county fair. If your county fair is not interested in adding more awards, I suggest that you have the judge make the selection in order for the youth to be eligible for the scholarship show with no additional trophies/plaques given. If your county fair only has one breed at the dairy show, the junior and reserve junior champions could be acknowledged as the supreme and reserve supreme champions.  If your county fair has 4-H and FFA showing separately, you will need to have the judge select the overall champion from those shows.

This is a great opportunity for our 4-H and FFA dairy project members. Please consider adding this to your county fair premium book. Also, please pass this information on to the FFA Advisors in your county.

If you have any questions, please feel to ask Tracy Behnken at 402-426-9455 or tbehnken2@unl.edu.  


Wells Fargo Iowa Supreme Champion Dairy Heifer Scholarship Show

National Cattle Congress Fair

Sep 14 – 17, 2017

Waterloo Iowa

What Is It

Wells Fargo sponsors the Iowa Supreme Junior Champion Dairy Heifer Scholarship Show at the National Cattle Congress fair in the fall.  Wells Fargo, National Cattle Congress and the National Cattle Congress Dairy Committee believe this is a way for youth from Iowa and its neighboring states (including Nebraska) to come together and meet others with similar interests. The hope is for youth to enjoy their experience and share and learn from one another and most importantly have FUN!

Over the past five years, National Cattle Congress had held this as an annual event for the youth involved with dairy projects through 4-H and FFA. Wells Fargo/ NCC places to crown an event Supreme Junior Champion Dairy Heifer, as well as a Reserve and Honorable Mention. The winners will receive scholarships for college.  Eligible participants for this particular event must be a member of a 4-H Club or FFA Chapter and must have won their county Supreme Junior Champion or Reserve Supreme Junior Champion of all the exhibiting dairy breeds.  (Each County must crown an Overall Champion of the breeds to qualify.)

How It Will Work

County Fairs

  • Each county fair is asked to crown a Supreme and Reserve Junior Champion Dairy Heifer* or Overall Champion Heifer of all dairy breeds exhibited. Note: A Heifer is defined as a female cow that has not had a calf.
  • The champion and reserve will be given a certificate and asked to fill out a form with their information.  The form is to be returned to the National Cattle Congress Office so they can be entered and fair passes sent out.  There will be no entry fees for this particular event, but participants would be encouraged to enter in the National Cattle Congress Youth Dairy Show.
  • The event committee will be meeting shortly after the first of the year and will have more details confirmed (including the updated certificate) for the 2017 event,
  • National Cattle Congress (Schedule EXAMPLE from 2016 – 2017 details will be confirmed at a later date.)
  • Once all entries are received (entry deadline August 24th, 2016), NCC will mail out exhibitor information and fair passes.             


                              Friday, September 16                      7:00 pm Check In

                              Friday, September 16                      8:30 pm Youth Pizza Party

                              Saturday, September 17  8:00 am Novice Show (5-9 years old)

                              Saturday, September 17  8:30 am Congress Iowa Supreme Champion Dairy Heifer

                                    Scholarship Show            

                              Saturday, September 17  9:00 am Youth Dairy Show

 On Saturday September 17, in a special show, before the start of the Youth Dairy show, NCC will crown a reigning Wells Fargo Iowa Supreme Champion Dairy Heifer as well as a Reserve and Honorable Mention. The winners will receive scholarships to be used at the college of their choice. Since the age of exhibitors have the possibility of greatly varying, these scholarships will be put into a trust until their recipients have completed their first semester of college.  Previous winners will be eligible to compete again.


               Supreme Champion                                        $2,000

               Reserve Supreme Champion                        $1,000

               Honorable Mention                                       $500

For more information, please contact: 

Danielle Kiefer

(319) 234-7515 (Office)

Fax (319) 234-8865

Email dmkiefer06@gmail.com

The National Cattle Congress Office

Phone (319) 234-7515

Fax (319) 234-8865

Author: Tracy Behnken

Customizable Templates
Thu, 12/08/2016

A library of customizable templates are now available at http://4h.unl.edu/employee/templates. The library includes 8.5x11 flyers, 11x17 flyers, 8.5x5.5 postcards, certificates, and Powerpoint slideshows. All

flyers and notecards are currently available as Word Doc files. Fillable PDF version of these will be made available as they are created. If you have any questions regarding these templates, please contact Danielle Dewees, ddewees@unl.edu.

Author: Danielle Dewees

4-H Camps and Centers 2017 Brochure Request
Fri, 12/02/2016

It is that time of year again...I need to know how many camp brochures you would like for your county or counties.                                  

We have redesigned our brochure to make it smaller to reduce the number of pages and our overall printing costs.  The brochure will still be a highly attractive with photographs and descriptions about our available opportunities. 

Our brochure is one of the main ways that we advertise for our summer camp programs.  Because of this, we rely on your support to help distribute to your 4-H members and to those within your county and communities.  There are several ways that you can distribute brochures and promote Nebraska 4-H camps in your county:

-          You can distribute to the clubs within your county

-          At events: both Extension/4-H and community wide events

-          In the schools: We have programs available for anyone in grades K-12

-          In your monthly newsletters-a small "blurb" about picking up 2016 camp brochures in your county's office.

-          We are willing to come to your county to help with general 4-H promotion, to do a small activity (energizer, teambuilding, etc.).

Again, the brochure continues to be an important piece but as we know many of you have extra brochures left over at the end of the camping season.  We are looking at expanding ways to market to families while cutting our printing needs.  Again, this year we are providing counties the option to order our 1-page flier.  As 4-H families are starting to register online, the information provided on the 1-page flier encourages families to make use of our website.

As you think about the audiences you provide the 16-page brochure to, would a 1-page flier be better suited for them or would you like to distribute to your families electronically? Let us know how we can help you!

We will have brochures and 1-page fliers ready to pick up during January In-service.  If you could please respond to this email before December 15, 2016, I would really appreciate it.  Please indicate the number of full (16-page) brochures and the number of 1-page fliers you would like for your county.

Also, if you would like to know how many brochures your county ordered last year, I can provide that information to you. Thank you for your support of Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers!

Author: Lindsay Shearer

Project Resource Guide 2017
Fri, 12/02/2016

The 2017 Project Resource Guide is now available for download.




The web version of the Project Resource Central will not be updated for 2017. Instead a new web-based application will be made available in early 2017. The app includes a database of projects and their resources in a searchable format. This will be replacing the online Project Resource Central. Please stay tuned to 4-H Alerts for more information regarding this app.

Author: Mike Riese

2017 ShoWorks Renewal
Fri, 12/02/2016

I know the county fair season seems like it is far away but it will be here before we know it.  Please take some time in your offices to discuss your 2017 needs with ShoWorks.  

The number of entries for each version are as follows:

Lite = 2,000 entries

Standard = 5,000 entries

Large = 10,000 entries

Enterprise = Unlimited

All versions come with the ability to use the iPAD app and the availability to use online entry for your fair.  

Pricing remains the same for 2017

Lite: $175

Standard: $225

Large or Enterprise: $275

Upscaling (difference in price for what they would have paid on original purchase):

Lite>Standard: $750

Standard>Large: $1,250

Large>Enterprise: $2,500

Please fill out the survey with your needs by December 12, 2016.


Author: Katie Pleskac