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Nebraska 4-H Participant Code of Conduct


Character Development is the cornerstone of the 4-H program. Your participation in 4-H carries the responsibility of exhibiting behaviors that reflect the positive traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Your contribution to a 4-H program is as important as what you receive from it. The following guidelines may not be exhaustive or exclusive. In the spirit of these guidelines, you are expected to promote Nebraska as "the good life," and exhibit good character at all times.

As a 4-H participant, I will:

  1. Treat all people and property with respect, courtesy, consideration and compassion. Avoid put-downs, insults, name calling, swearing and other language or nonverbal conduct likely to offend, hurt or set a bad example.
  2. Act in a responsible manner at all times.
    A. Participate in all sessions related to the 4-H program, event and contest. I will not leave the assigned program
    area without permission of the paid or volunteer staff.
    B. Respect roommates by creating a quiet atmosphere during sleeping hours and by remaining within my assigned
    sleeping quarters after curfew to ensure the safety/well-being of myself and others.
    C. Avoid sexual displays of personal affection. Females are not permitted in males' rooms, nor males in females'
    rooms at any time. Minors are not allowed in staff quarters. Rooms will be monitored in accordance with 4-H
  3. Keep noise to a minimum out of respect to others outside of the 4-H group who could be using the same facility.
  4. Use good manners, dress appropriately for the occasion and not wear clothing that may be offensive and disrespectful
    to others.
  5. Practice fair-mindedness by being open to ideas, suggestions and opinions of others.
  6. Obey laws and rules as an obligation of being a good citizen. I accept responsibility for the proper treatment and
    care for other youth and adults, animals, the environment, the program facilities and/or equipment.
  7. Not possess or use: tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, controlled or uncontrolled mood-altering substances,
    pocket/hunting knives, lighters/matches, fireworks or firearms during 4-H events. All prescription and non-prescription
    medications will be listed on my health form. I will follow the specific 4-H event/program guidelines and will
    possess only the acceptable items as dictated by the specific event. Staff have reserved the right to check luggage,
    storage areas and/or living quarters prior to and during an event.

I understand that if I do not follow the above code of conduct I may expect:

  1. To explain my actions to 4-H staff in charge.
  2. A letter describing the infraction and/or inappropriate behavior will be sent to my parent/guardian and/or county
    4-H Council or sponsoring group.
  3. To be dismissed from the event and sent home early at parent/guardian expense.
  4. If applicable, further disciplinary action as determined by the county 4-H Council, which may include becoming ineligible
    to participate in further 4-H activities.
  5. To reimburse the proper entity for any property damage or for liability resulting from inappropriate actions. In the
    case of vandalism, I may be required to reimburse 4-H or the facility for trip expenses and/or any additional clean-up