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Summer Camp

A place to Discover, Learn and Grow!.

shooting sportsOpen To All Youth

Nebraska 4-H Summer Camp sessions are open to ALL YOUTH. A camper does not have to be a member of 4-H to attend summer camp!!  Sessions provide campers and familes a wide range of opportunites with a vareity of themes, camp lengths, locations and prices. 

We want campers  to leave camp better equipped to make healthy, positive,and informed decisions while creating lasting memories and experiencing camp traditions. 4-H Summer Camps and Centers offer a vareity of programs that may be offered in a variety of sessions including:

  • Challenge Courses (Lows, Highs, and Zip lines)    
  • Shooting Sports (Archery, Air Rifles Shot Gun, .22 Rifle, and Muzzle Loader)    
  • Aquatics (Canoeing, Fishing, Tubing, Kayaking, Tanking, Swimming, and Water Vehicles)
  • Robotics, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Nature Programming
  • Arts, Crafts, Exploration, Campfires, Games, Songs, and FUN!!

Types Of CampsVetscience at South Central

**Click on either of the camp types to view descriptions of the sessions offered.  

DAY Camps - Ages 5 - 8

Introduce your 5-8-year-old to just how much fun 4-H Camp can be! Your camper will begin to learn communication skills, teamwork, and begin building relationships. Exposure to key lifetime skills such as confidence, cooperation, and decision making are features of attending camp. Campers will be encouraged to take healthy risks in a supportive environment by trying new activities and learning new skills that encourage independence. Utilizing outdoor activities and challenges helps stimulate campers’ curiosity about science in the environment. Camp is a meeting place where the seeds of lasting friendships are sown!

Chaperones are encouraged but not required to attend. Lunch is included for one chaperone in the camp fee. Additional chaperones will be charged $5.00 upon arrival. 

EXPLORER Camps - Ages 8 - 11

Explorer Camps are designed for elementary ages. These sessions allow your younger camper the chance to explore many 4-H Camp activities and traditions. 4-H Camp increases self-esteem, fosters a love for the outdoors, and aids in the development of social skills needed in the real world through a variety of activities and experiences. Camp creates an atmosphere conducive to expanding interest, appreciation, and knowledge of the natural environment and natural sciences. Your camper will have an opportunity to learn about living, working, and playing together, as well as gaining respect for nature. At camp, the foundation to become a leader is established as campers have the opportunity to discover, learn, and grow! Your camper will have an opportunity to try out the zip line and work as a team on the T.R.U.S.T. Course. Building lasting relationships, fostering friendships, and positive adult interactions are key elements of camp as each camper leaves with a lifetime of memories!

DISCOVERY Camps - Ages 11 - 15

Discovery camps are designed for your middle school-age campers and are loaded with more advanced adventures! Each session features camp favorites like the waterslide, Gau-Gau, campfires, creek stomping, and provides opportunities for campers to create lasting friendships. Your camper will learn to work as a team while working through the elements on the T.R.U.S.T. Course. We foster confidence, responsibility, and healthy conflict-resolution, and provide campers authentic leadership opportunities. Campers discover practical relationships with science and nature, which can be applied to their real world. Our activities and trips provide a fun and safe experience for all – one that leaves campers with lasting feelings of accomplishment, pride, and a lifetime of memories! Discover MORE during these longer sessions and be a part of camp traditions with added discoveries for ALL!!

EXPERIENCE Camps - Ages 14 - 18

Designed for your oldest camper, Experience (high-school age) sessions provide an opportunity for campers to travel! Whether it’s hiking, tubing, kayaking, or camping, these awesome adventures allow teens to explore natural and inspiring sites in Nebraska in a safe and supportive setting. Our experienced instructors and outdoor guides help your camper learn more about themselves, while deepening their understanding of Nebraska’s outdoor environment. Camp helps young people as they grow into adults to acquire the skills to be confident youth and future leaders while expanding their interest, appreciation, and knowledge of science in our environment. Camp plays a vital role in each camper’s growth and maturation by fostering independence, and self discovery, while building social skills. We also stress teamwork and critical thinking skills that are necessary in today’s and tomorrow’s world!

4-H camp friends overlooking pond at Eastern


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