4-H Club Member



Do you enjoy making new friends, learning with others, and serving in your community? If so, discover how you can become a 4-H Club Member!

As a 4-H Club Member, you will be a part of an organized group of youth. 4-H Clubs, led by an adult or youth volunteer, typically:

  • meet throughout several months or an entire year
  • elect officers and set rules to govern the club
  • conduct educational programs
  • complete community service projects

There are several different types of clubs, such as:

  • Community 4-H Clubs – typically meet in the evenings or on weekends and offer self-chosen multiple learning experiences and activities.
  • In-School 4-H Clubs – meet during school hours, but have officers and planned activities beyond school enrichment.
  • Afterschool 4-H Clubs – organized within child care settings. They have officers and planned activities.
  • Military 4-H Clubs – organized by the Armed Forces, often on military installations, and principally for military dependents.

Youth who are 4-H Club Members in their local communities may also choose to:

  • Participate in State, Regional, and National Programs
  • Serve in a Club leadership role
  • Compete for ribbons, awards, trophies, scholarships and other forms of recognition
  • Promote the 4-H Youth Development Program to others

Discover more about joining the 4-H Youth Development Program as a Club Member!

Contact your local University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension Office for more information about becoming a member of a 4-H Club in your community!