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Making Food for Me Youth Manual Cover                         

Making Food for Me Youth Manual

Making Food for Me is a project designed to help youth learn about food and nutrition. A coloring and activity book serves as the youth manual with each activity page corresponding to activities in the Making Food for Me Helper's Guide. This project teaches youth about the importance of food safety, how to properly set the table, appropriate dining behaviors, how to use common kitchen utensils, measure ingredients, and each of the food groups, including beverages and combination foods. The center of the manual is a MyPlate placemat for youth to reference when setting the table and learning to eat a balanced meal.

New February 2014!

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Making Food for Me Helper's Guide Cover

Making Food for Me Helper's Guide

The Making Food for Me Helper's Guide CD is designed to help you lead youth through their accompanying Making Food for Me Youth Manual. Each page in the Youth Manual has a corresponding activity in this Helper's Guide. Some research shows that youth who prepare foods and consume meals with their families have a healthier diet. In this manual, youth will learn about safely preparing food, table setting, manners, common kitchen utensils and their uses, and how to measure ingredients. Youth will also be introduced to foods in each food group, beverages, combination foods, and MyPlate. Enjoy leading youth through a journey with food and nutrition!

New February 2014!

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Quilt Quest Project Block 5: Elegant Embellishments Cover                                           

Elegant Embellishments
Quilt Quest Project Block 5

Elegant Embellishments provides youth an opportunity to be amazingly creative. This Quilt Quest block offers several ways to use embroidery and many other ways to embellish your quilts including trapunto, fabric folds, lace and other trim additions, and much more!

New February 2014!

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 Design My Place Cover


Design My Place

Design My Place - formerly Home Building Blocks - is a project of discovery and activity. This introduction to home environment and home interiors allows youth to explore elements and principles of design, create items for their own space or home, and learn about the use of materials, such as fabric, metals, wood, yarns, and more. Youth can select from the many activities and use their creativity to make them their own. Youth will also learn to identify and solve health and safety problems by caring for their space.

Major Revision Summer 2013!

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 Design My Place Poster Cover

Design My Place Poster

The poster serves as an introduction to the Design My Place project. The poster is packed with activities that introduce youth to terms and concepts they will learn about home environment. In each part of the home, youth will find questions and suggested activities designed to increase their curiosity about the project. Youth can set goals and track their progress using the Design My Place poster. Youth can also get creative in coloring the house and hang the poster in their space. The Design My Place lesson materials will provide the content and activities to guide the teaching of projects listed on the poster.

New Summer 2013!

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Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit

Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit
for Exhibits at County Fairs and the Nebraska State Fair

Exhibiting the produce from your garden can be a rewarding and exciting way to finish a successful gardening season. Exhibiting helps you learn how to show off your hard work and learn how to grow the best fruit and vegetables. Each time you exhibit, you'll learn more about gardening skills and the garden crops you grow. This knowledge and skill will be useful for the rest of your life. This guide will help 4-H members, project leaders, and parents know how to properly select, prepare, store, and ship these exhibits to be judged at county fairs and the Nebraska State Fair.

Major Revision Spring 2013!

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Shopping in Style Cover

Shopping in Style

The existing Shopping Style was enhanced through a three year revision. Because teens are active consumers, they need guidance on how to make purchasing choices. Youth will learn what looks best on them and the best ways to build a versatile wardrobe while staying within their budget. In addition, youth will be able to identify their clothing needs. Finally, youth will learn to "put it all together" and to present themselves with confidence. As you can see, there's a lot to learn, so get ready to go Shopping in Style!

Major Revision Spring 2013!

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What's New?

4-H Piloting Opportunities

We are pleased to announce that we are piloting Grow a Beautiful Space Manual III: Landscape Graphics and the Design Process. If you are interested in being one of the first to try our new Nebraska-developed curricula and would like to have input into the final product, please be sure to volunteer to pilot this curriculum. And, be sure to specify if you will be piloting at a club, camp, school, or after school. All we ask is that you and your youth participants complete the evaluations—which, of course, is why we are doing the pilot.

If you are interested in piloting this curriculum, please contact:

Patricia J. Fairchild, Ed.D.
Nebraska 4-H Curriculum Design and
Youth Entrepreneur Specialist
114 Agricultural Hall
PO Box 830700
Lincoln, NE 68583-0700
FAX: (402)472-9024


Grow A Beautiful Space Manual III: Landscape Graphics and the Design Process
Targeted Audience: 12-18 year olds
Includes 1) Participant Manual 2) Leader's Guide
Youth will work through the design process and discover how to integrate the design principles with plants and other landscape features to create beautiful landscapes that are sustainable and respond to the needs of their client.