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Quilt Quest Project Block 2

terrific triangles

Terrific Triangles includes a wide variety of designs using basic triangles — both half square and quarter square triangles, plus a couple using equilateral triangles.

Quilt Quest is a comprehensive curriculum that teaches youth about quilts from design and construction to care, preservation and even about entrepreneurial opportunities. Quilt Quest project blocks are designed to supplement the Quilt Quest curriculum with specific quilt projects. These project blocks assume some level of sewing skill, and are not designed for those with no prior quilt making experience. The skills required for each Project Block correspond with the block numbers. Project Block 1 is the most basic and requires only basic beginning skills. Subsequent blocks require increasing levels of skill and mastery, ending with level 6. Step by step instructions with illustrations of each step are not included. If youth are interested in using the Quilt Quest project blocks but do not have sewing skills, they should be able to do so successfully with the help of volunteers who understand sewing techniques. We strongly suggest that anyone using Quilt Quest project blocks also have access to the Quilt Quest curriculum CD for reference. Project Blocks are currently available on CD.

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     Table of Contents        Endorsement Letter

      Table of Contents    Endorsement Letter


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