About 4-H Camp

About 4-H Camp

Nebraska 4-H has two camp centers -- Nebraska State 4-H Camp near Halsey, Nebraska, and Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center near Gretna, Nebraska. Both locations provide visitors with a place to discover, to learn, and to grow, through Summer Camp, Group Team Building, Special Events, and Outdoor Education.

Owned and operated through a partnership of the, Nebraska Extension 4-H Program and the Nebraska 4-H Foundation, Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers promote the mission of Nebraska 4-H - which encourages all young people to reach their full potential, by working and learning in partnership with caring adults. The Nebraska 4-H Camps are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This organization sets standards for safety, maintenance, programs, human relations, transportation, and other areas of camp management. The Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers comply with more than 300 individual standards to ensure that your visit is a positive one!


It is the mission of Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers to provide unique educational opportunities that empower people of all ages to be active in the pursuit of self-improvement in a safe, inclusive, and fun environment.


  1. To build programs which utilize unique local resources and serve the mission of the Land Grant University and Nebraska Extension.
  2. The program and facility will be proactive in growing to efficiently and effectively meet changing needs.
  3. To be purposeful in the development and training of our human resources.
  4. To provide intentional youth programs that:
    • are offered in a safe and inclusive environment
    • provide positive relationships with caring adults
    • engage youth in learning and skill mastery (target specific skills)
    • provide youth the opportunity to see themselves as an active, important participant in the future
    • provide youth the opportunity to be a role model or provide service to others
  5. To provide intentional educational and recreational experiences for adults.


The directors of the Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers share more than 50 years of combined experience in working with youth and continue to be leaders among peers in the youth development field. Each location recruits an experienced and caring staff that receives training in first-aid/CPR, water safety, camping skills, and positive youth development.

Photo of Lindsay Shearer

Lindsay Shearer


Hello! I'm Lindsay and I love working with youth, especially at camp! I actually grew up attending the Nebraska State 4-H Camp. I began working at a day camp as a fun job over the summer while going to college. I continued this for 7 years working and managing day camps and before and after school programs for Lincoln Parks and Recreation. I switched career paths to become a registered nurse and I loved working with and helping others. While working in the hospital setting, I quickly learned I missed working with youth and being outdoors. I have been working with Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers now for 5 years. As the 4-H Camp Coordinator, I have the opportunity to work behind the scenes and watch everything come together for our programs from recruiting, hiring and training summer staff to putting our marketing materials together, supervising the health care program at camp and communicating with our camp administration team; I wear many hats. I also love that I have the opportunity to work directly with youth while they are at camp and watch them truly grow and become an individual during their short time with us!

Photo of Connie Cox

Connie Cox

State 4-H Camp Director

Hello, I'm Connie and have been working at camp for 20 years. I started as the office secretary in August of 1994. For the past 7 years I have been the Camp Director and have enjoyed the adventure of taking on each and every part of camp life. Each year I get excited to see the campers as they come ready to canoe, zip line, or explore the outdoors. Over the years I have been able to experience events, activities and the growth of so many campers. At camp youth make new friends and memories but they go home with self-confidence, leadership and the ability to face new fears. Camp puts the FUN in summer.

Photo of Hilary Aden

Hilary Aden

Eastern 4-H Camp Program Director

Hi, I'm Hilary and I LOVE CAMP! I grew up going to camp, worked in camping on the East Coast, and have taught Middle School Language Arts. I started as the Program Director at the Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center and Camp in January of 2015 and couldn't be more thrilled to be back 'home' in the camping world. Camp provides youth: occasions to make new friends, experiential learning activities to advance their knowledge of the outdoors, chances to overcome their fears, and opportunities to grow their self-confidence. Camp enriches the lives of youth, and that is why I LOVE CAMP!