4-H Conference

Nebraska 4-H Program Contact
Robert (Bob) Meduna, Southeast District 4-H Program CoordinatorUNL Southeast Research and Extension Center / 1071 County Road G / Room D / Ithaca, NE  68033-2234

National 4-H Conference

  • The National 4-H Conference provides 4-H youth an opportunity to make decisions that will shape their future, by including their ideas and recommendations in 4-H program development. The purpose of National 4-H Conference is to:
    • help selected youths and adults develop their maximum potential by providing opportunities to participate actively in 4-H program development outside their states and at national levels.
    • assist states in the further development of a system for involving youth, volunteers and professional staff in 4-H program planning in their states.
    • provide an opportunity for input of youths, volunteers, and professional staff into National 4-H Program Development Committee deliberations.
    • provide a system for an exchange of 4-H programming ideas among states.
    • provide an opportunity for Conference delegates to update elected and appointed government officials, national associations, donor groups, etc., on current developments in 4-H national, state, and local levels.
  • 4-H members who attend National 4-H Conference must be age 15-18 as of January 1.
  • Two Nebraska 4-H youth are selected to represent Nebraska at the National 4-H Conference annually. A 4-H member may only attend National 4-H Conference one time. Selection of Nebraska delegates is based on a cover letter, a 4-H résumé, and a web-based interview.
  • The conference is located at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
  • National 4-H Conference is held annually; the dates for future conferences are:
    • April 11-16, 2015
  • Partial conference expenses and transportation from Lincoln are provided for two 4-H Conference participants by the Nebraska 4-H Foundation
  • Selected Nebraska delegates for National 4-H Conference are expected to:
    • represent state at National 4-H Conference
    • share conference experience with Extension staff
    • give a brief report to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation Board
    • participate in the selection of future delegates