Impact Study

Signature Outcome Team - Statewide Programs

Evaluation tools are available for use when evaluating all statewide programs. Each tool was specifically developed to capture the impact of the outcomes targeted by that individual program. All staff delivering these programs should plan to facilitate the supporting survey. These surveys can also be used to evaluate other 4-H programs  as long as the outcomes addressed in the survey align with the outcome of the additional program.

Common Measures

In addition to the statewide evaluation tools, 4-H Common Measures are also available  Tools around all three 4-H mission mandate areas (Citizenship, Healthy Living, and Science) and a Universal 4-H tool are available for use with younger and older audiences (4-7th grade and 8-12th grade youth).  In addition to these tools, a College and Career Readiness tool designed for 8-12th grade is also available.

All 4-H Common Measures tools are designed to be administered post-program. If these tools are a fit for your 4-H programming efforts, please use! (However, if you're administering a  statewide program use the evaluation designed specifically for that program). Please send completed surveys and cover sheet to the State 4-H office! A logic model, reference table, item listing, and printable tools are available at To access the tools and resources please register and sign-in in the upper left hand corner. Contact Jill or Jessie with Questions.  (Electronic links are available upon request.)

Impact on Post-Secondary Education

The Post-Secondary Education study is designed to build a baseline for reporting the impact 4-H had on participant's post-secondary choices. This survey will be administered in the spring to the previous spring’s graduates.  State 4-H office will be distributing this survey via e-mail to all students with a valid email address in our system (approximately 65% of our 12 grade participants provide an email address).

If you already have a process for administering the survey directly to your 4-Her's, we encourage you to do so. However, please notify the State 4-H office that you have done this to eliminate double surveying of some youth.


Data from these studies will be collected until October 1, 2016. Please review the Collection Guidelines before administering the survey. Youth can complete any of these surveys online through the use of custom web-links, or the surveys can be printed and completed on paper. If completed on paper, mail the completed surveys and a completed cover sheet to the state 4-H office.
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Resources needed to conduct evaluations can be found in the table below. There you will find collection guidelines, a program cover sheet, parent and youth letters (we still have a waiver for consent meaning no signature is required, these letters provide information and details regarding the study), and the various evaluation instruments.

Nebraska 4-H Impact Study

DescriptionPDFDOCSurvey Links
2016 Collection Guidelines 2016 Collection Guidelines    
Collection Cover Sheet & Confidentiality Agreement 2016 Collection Cover Sheet    
Parent / Guardian Letter 2016 Program Impact Parent-Guardian Letter-Approved    
Youth Assent Letter 2016 Program Impact Youth Assent Letter- Approved    
Ag LiteracyPDFDOCSurvey Links
2016 AgCiting Science 2016 AgCiting Science Instrument 2016 AgCiting Science Instrument • Youth Link:
• Data Entry Link:
2016 AgCiting Science - Teacher Instrument
2016 Ag Literacy Festival - Teacher Instrument 2016 Ag Literacy Festival - Teacher Instrument 2016 Ag Literacy Festival - Teacher Instrument
Career Development/College ReadinessPDFDOCSurvey Links
2016 Connecting the Dots 2016 Connecting the Dots Instrument 2016 Connecting the Dots Instrument
EntrepreneurShip InvestigationPDFDOCSurvey Links
2016 ESI Camp   ESI Camp Survey  ESI Camp Survey