Employee Resource: Nebraska State Fair

There's no place like the Nebraska State Fair! It's the premier showcase of 4-H'ers to share what they've learned and worked on in 4-H throughout the year. At the Fair, we celebrate the successes of thousands of youth wou've learned and grown through 4-H.

The State Fair is also a prime opportunity for 4-Her's to cultivate skills they've learned in 4-H projects, put their life skills and good character to work, discover areas they'd like to learn more about, and meet other kids and adults.

The 2015 Nebraska State Fair will be help August 28 - September 7, at the Nebraska State Fairgrounds in Grand Island, Nebraska.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Nebraska State Fair!

Employee Resources


Fairbook - 2015

Fairbook Changes - 2015


Superintendent's Handbook - 2015

Operations Handbook - 2015


Newsletter #1 - 3/25/2015

Newsletter #2: Operations Handbook - 2015

ShoWorks Entries

4-H Livestock, Static Exhibits, and Contest Entries

(entered by exhibitors/families) - 2015

Exhibitor Letters

Livestock Exhibitor Letter - 2015

Poultry and Rabbit Exhibitor Letter - 2015

Dairy Exhibitor Letter - 2015


State Fair Webinar - 3/4/2015

State Fair Webinar - 4/1/2015

State Fair Webinar - 5/6/2015

State Fair Webinar - 6/3/2015


4-H State Fair Graphics - 2015

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Sign Template: Landscape - 2015

Sign Template: Portrait - 2015

Certificate Template - 2015


4-H Exhibit Hall Map - 2015

Fairgrounds Map - 2015

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