Employee Resources: UNL Marketplace Instructions

Online Ordering through UNL Marketplace

UNL MarketplaceThe UNL Marketplace is the online ordering system where 4-H curriculum, merchandise, camp registration, and other materials can be purchased. 

When using the UNL Marketplace, separate accounts need to be set up for purchases made by UNL Extension County Offices and purchases made by County 4-H Councils.  It is very important to keep these options straight because county offices are not charged tax, unlike 4-H Councils who are charged tax.

To learn more about placing online orders, you are invited to view the web seminar recording on Ordering 4-H Curriculum through UNL Marketplace.

You are also encouraged to review the information below, and then follow the links to the instructions. If you have questions after reviewing the instructions, please e-mail Mike Riese or call him at 402-472-2805.

UNL Extension County Office

If the county office is the unit paying for the merchandise, use a cost object number. This will be account be set-up by a county office staff using a UNL id and password (most likely an educator) and educator's cost-object number (decided by the county).

County 4-H Council

If a 4-H Council is the unit paying for the merchandise, you will use the invoice option. The account can be set up by county office staff on behalf of the council. Thus, county staff can continue to order curriculum like before.