Insect Identification Contest

Insect ID

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James A Kalisch
Diagnostician/Extension Associate
(402) 472-8691
Entomology University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Insect Identification Contest

Whether you are coming from a background of 4-H Entomology projects, or if you have no experience at all with insects, the 4-H Insect Identification Contest opens up your world to the diverse and exciting world of insects and helps you become familiar with common insects in our area. Plus, it introduces you to the concept of classification so common to the sciences, that is, grouping objects or living organisms according to the physical characteristics they share. The additional bonus is that while learning the name of each insect, you gain an understanding of its biology and behavior!

There are two age divisions in the contest---Intermediate (ages 10-13) and Senior (ages 14-18)---and in order to participate, you must be a 4-H member and a minimum of 10 years old on January of this year.

The Insect Identification Contest is conducted during the State Fair on the same day as the other identification contests. You can access rules and guidelines, the list of insects to study and suggested resources at the following links below.

The Insect Identification Contest consists of 50 specimens to identify to insect order and common name, plus 10 tie-breaker specimens. In addition, there are 12 multiple-choice questions to answer in such areas as anatomy, kind of metamorphosis, habitat or meanings of order names. A key is given each participant to simplify answers and to make scoring more efficient.

Be alert to ID Contest training announcements, conducted by Extension educators in your area.


Register with your local Extension office before the same deadline date as with all other State Fair entries.