Project Learning Tree/Project Wet

Nebraska Project PLT and Project WET!

Nebraska Project Learning Tree (PLT) and Project Water Education for Teachers (WET) are international award winning environmental education programs. PLT and Project WET use hands-on learning activities that are appropriate for formal and nonformal educators working with children in grades Pre K through 12. These activities incorporate important environmental lessons into all disciplines including the sciences, mathematics, fine arts, social studies, language arts, music and physical education.

PLT uses the forest as a "window on the world" to increase students' understanding of our complex environment. PLT teaches not only about trees, but has informative lessons about land, air and water. These lessons help to instill in students the confidence and commitment to take responsible action on behalf of the environment.

Project WET is a collection of innovative, water-related activities that are hands-on, easy to use, and fun! Providing a thorough water education program, the activity guide also addresses water's chemical and physical properties, quantity and quality issues, aquatic wildlife, ecosystems, and management strategies. Project WET activities promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills and help provide young people with the knowledge and experience they will need to make prudent decisions regarding water resource use.

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