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Nebraska 4-H youth learn about the importance of balancing rations for their 4-H livestock projects.

Livestock Quality Assurance Contacts:

Help Desk
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CT

Lindsay Chichester
Extension Educator
(402) 624-8007
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Saunders County
1071 County Road G
Ithaca, NE  68033

Karna Dam
Extension Educator
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Saunders County
1071 County Road G
Ithaca, NE 68033

Deb Weitzenkamp
Extension Educator
(402) 873-3166
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Kimmel Education & Research Center
5985 G. Rd.
Nebraska City, NE 68410


This course is restricted to Nebraska youth.

If you are not a resident of Nebraska,
please visit
to learn more details about the Livestock Quality Assurance course available to you.


Nebraska Livestock Quality Assurance Course

The 4-H Quality Assurance (QA) Course teaches youth about the quality of meat and food products that come from livestock.  Quality assurance for livestock producers means making a promise to the consumers, or the people who consume the meat, egs, milk, and dairy products from food production animals. The promise made is that products from livestock will be the highest possible quality and producers will do everything possible to make these products safe to eat.

quality assurance online courseLivestock Quality Assurance Online Course

The Livestock Quality Assurance Online Course has been developed to assist Nebraska 4-H youth with learning about major areas of proper animal care, including:

  • daily care and management
  • prevention
  • handling
  • carcass quality
  • medication

To enroll in the self-directed online course, Internet access and an email address (each 4-H youth will need their own unique email address to register) is required. 

Completion Requirements for 4-H Youth

4-H youth ages 8-18, who are enrolled in a livestock project (beef, dairy cattle, dairy goat, meat goat, poultry, rabbit, sheep, and swine), are required to complete three modules in the Livestock Quality Assurance Online Course by June 15 (please check with your local Extension office for deadline dates) of the current year in order to complete that year's QA requirements. Intermediate and Senior age youth may alternatively elect to take a test-out test. Practice test-out tests are available through the online course, however, the actual test is administered by their local extension office.

The online course has been divided into three age levels:

  • Junior (4-H youth ages 8-10)
  • Intermediate (4-H youth ages 11-14)
  • Senior (4-H youth ages 15-18)

Upon completion of each module, youth will be able to print a certificate of completion. Youth will need to deliver this certificate of completion to their local Extension Office on or before published due dates to receive full credit for completion.

Quality Assurance Written and Practice Tests

Written Tests
Intermediate and Senior Level youth are eligible to take a written test to fulfill Quality Assurance age level requirements. The written test must be taken at an Extension Office. Local Extension Offices will need to email UNL Extension in order to receive the final test out tests for the year. Arrangements  for youth to complete the written test can be made through their local Extension Office.

If you are taking a Senior Level Test, you may take a large or small animal test. Passing is 70 percent. The Intermediate Level Test has 25 multiple choice questions, while the Senior Level test has 30 multiple choice questions. 

Practice Tests
Practice Tests are available on the Livestock Quality Assurance Online Course. After completing the Practice Tests, the Written Test may be taken through your local UNL Extension Office.

Study Materials
The study materials for the Intermediate Level Tests are the information available through the Livestock Quality Assurance Online Course.

The study materials for the Senior Level Tests are the Livestock Quality Assurance Online Course, the Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance Manual, and the Youth Pork Quality Assurance Manual.

Online Course Information


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