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Seeking creative ways to engage your students? 4-H offers educational resources, school enrichment programs, and afterschool programs designed to enhance classroom education with experience-based learning. Looking for something even more "outside" the box? Check out the Outdoor Education programs offered at our two Nebraska 4-H Camp Centers. The Outdoor Education program gives youth an opportunity to explore the natural world around them through hands-on learning experiences. 

Specific afterschool and school enrichment programs vary from county to county. Looking for specific programs in your area? Please contact your local Extension office or request information below.

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Each year, hundreds of students and their teachers from schools across Nebraska participate in hands-on, engaging Outdoor Education programs and experiences at the Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center near Gretna and at the Nebraska State 4-H Camp near Halsey. Outdoor Education is typically held during the months of September to November and March to May. These programs and experiences:

  • use the outdoors as a stimulus for the appreciation of previously acquired skills, including the areas of reading and language arts, science, mathematics, art, health, physical education and social studies.
  • teach an appreciation, understanding, and awareness of the natural world by studying and interacting with that world.
  • separate kids from their everyday setting.

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