#NE4H Video View Wall

Showing a rabbit. Interview judging. Zooming down the zipline. Aiming for the archery target. Jumping into the saddle. Riding a bike. Baking muffins. Programming a robot. Nebraska 4-H youth from across the state are learning by doing – and we want to share your #NE4H view with others!

A new attraction is debuting at this year’s Nebraska State Fair in the 4-H Exhibit Hall – the #NE4H Video View Wall! The Video View Wall features 12 large televisions that will showcase point-of-view videos taken by Nebraska 4-H’ers. Below are a few steps for filming and submitting your #NE4H view with others at the Nebraska State Fair!

  1. Obtain a GoPro or create your own using a mobile device. See the production tip videos below for ideas on recording footage without a GoPro. If needed locate mounts or attachments. Example attachments can be seen in the production tip videos.
  2. Begin recording footage by looking at the camera and sharing your first name, county, and the project you are completing. Then begin completing your 4-H project (ex. sewing) or participating in a 4-H experience (ex. livestock show). See the sample footage at the bottom of the this page for ideas and examples.
  3. Edit footage to 4-6 minutes in length by using a video editing program (ex. Windows Movie Maker, iMovie). Be sure to save edited footage as an .mp4, .avi, or .mov file.
  4. Upload video file to a cloud storage system (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Be sure that privacy settings will allow guests to download the file. Copy the file's web link.
  5. Complete the #NE4H Video View Submission Form and remember to paste the file's web link into the form.
  6. Visit the 4-H Exhibit Hall during the 2016 Nebraska State Fair to see your #NE4H Video View!

#NE4H Video View

Production Tips

Sample Footage