Employee Resources: Web Seminars

Web Seminar Recordings

A variety of Web Seminars are held for UNL Extension 4-H staff, and other audiences, at various times throughout the year.  Below is a list of the past web seminar recordings that can be viewed online.  

5/13/15 2015 PASE/Life Challenge Brandy Wagner, Michelle Krehbiel, Sue Ellen Pegg, Micaela Rahe
4/8/15 4-H Staff Monthly Webinar
(Using Evaluation, Quality Assurance, Horse Programs, PASE, Life Challenge)
Jill Walahoski, Jessie Bauman, Bob Meduna, Lena Cottle, Brandy Wagner
04-08/15 General 2015 Nebraska State Fair Web Seminar Series
04/01 | 05/06 | 06/03 | 07/01 |
Shane Potter
2/11/15 Eat4-Health Blender Bike Kayla Colgrove, Bob Meduna
1/14/15 4-H Staff Monthly Webinar
(Youth Protection)
Cathy Johnston

12/10/14 4-H Staff Monthly Webinar
(Building Community Partnership, Animal Science Work Group Update, Quality Assurance, January In-Service)
Holly Carr, Kathy Potthoff, Rhonda Herrick, Lindsay Chichester, Cathy Johnston
11/19/14 4-H Staff Monthly Webinar
(Personal Learning Networks, Civic Engagement Work Group Update, Shooting Sports, January Training)
Tracy Pracheil, Linda Dannehl, Steve Pritchard, Cathy Johnston
09/26/14 4H Online Enrollment System Katie Pleskac, Jill Walahoski
09/22/14 Growing 4-H: ES-237 Counts! Heather Borck, Katie Pleskac
09/12/14 4H Online Enrollment System Katie Pleskac, Jill Walahoski

4-H Staff Monthly Webinars

(Using the State Educational Standards to Promote Programs, National 4-H Week, National Youth Science Day, Volunteer Recognition, Awards and Recognition)

Cathy Johnston
05/09/14 ShoWorks Training Web Seminar Series Katie Pleskac, Jenny Nixon
04-08/14 General 2014 Nebraska State Fair Web Seminar Series Shane Potter


10/10/13 Club IRS Tax Exempt Status and EIN Information Kathleen Lodl
09/25/13 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
2013 National Youth Science Day in Nebraska
Tracy Pracheil,
Saundra Frerichs,
Megan Patent-Nygren
05/06/13 PASE & Life Challenge General Information and Registration Training

Kris Spath, Michelle Krehbiel

04/22/13 Livestock Quality Assurance (QA) is Online Lindsay Chichester, Karna Dam, Deb Weitzenkamp
04/17/13 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
Signature Outcome Evaluations, Youth Safety Policy, Entrepreneurial Programs
Jill Walahoski, Cathy Johnston, Kim Pickering
03-06/13 ShoWorks Training Web Seminar Series Katie Pleskac, Jenny Nixon
02-08/13 General 2013 Nebraska State Fair Web Seminar Series
03/05 | 04/02 | 05/07 | 06/04 | 07/09 |
Shane Potter
1/29/13 4-H Animal Identification Kris Spath


11/15/12 Youth Activity Safety Policy Kathleen Lodl,
Cathy Johnston
09/19/12 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
Signature Outcome Team Updates
Signature Outcome Team Leaders
07/31/12 2012 Nebraska State Fair -- 4-H Livestock Loading In and Out Kris Spath
07/24/12 2012 Nebraska State Fair -- 4-H Livestock Entries Jenny Nixon
06/07/12 4-H Dog Program Kathy Potthoff
05/16/12 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
Signature Outcome Team Updates
Signature Outcome Team Leaders
05/07/12 Processing Your Nebraska District and State Horse Show Entries Kathy Anderson
05/07/12 PASE/Life Challenge Registration Training Kris Spath
02-08/12 General 2012 Nebraska State Fair Web Seminar Series --
02/07, 03/06, 04/03, 05/01, 06/05, 07/10, 08/07
Shane Potter
04-05/12 Access 4-H Web Seminar Series --
04/06, 04/13, 04/20, 05/04, 05/11, 05/18, 05/25
Jenny Nixon, Katie Larson
04/18/12 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
Research Supporting That Afterschool Works, 4-H Foundation Promotional Video, PASE/Life Challenge
Michelle Krehbiel, Stuart Shepherd, Kris Spath
04/11/12 UNL Marketplace
Reference: UNL Marketplace Instructions
Mike Riese
03/20/12 & 03/21/12 Livestock Quality Assurance -- 03/20 and 03/21 Lindsay Chichester

Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
Evaluation Update, North Central Region 4-H Science Academy Plan of Action

Jill Walahoski,
Megan Patent-Nygren
02/17/12 Access 4-H Jenny Nixon, Katie Larson
02/15/12 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
2012 4-H Unit Goals, Managing Volunteers, Life Challenge, Access 4-H Enrollment Overview
Kathleen Lodl, Cathy Johnston, Michelle Krehbiel
01/19/12 Animal Care Resources Lindsay Chichester


10/19/11 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
Nebraska 4-H Foundation Update
Stuart Shepherd
10/12/11 Access 4-H and Re-Enrollment Jenny Nixon
09/29/11 Access 4-H and ES237 Jenny Nixon
08/03/11 2011 Nebraska State Fair - Livestock Loading Bill Angel, Kris Spath, Kathleen Lodl
08/01/11 4-H Strategic Plan Michelle Krehbiel, Shane Potter, Jill Walahoski

2011 Nebraska State Fair - 4-H Staff Update

Vernon Waldren
07/26/11 Ordering Curriculum Through UNL Marketplace Beth Birnstihl, Kathleen Lodl,
Mike Riese
05/20/11 Behind the Lens: Supplemental Resources to Teach Youth about Photography Tracy Pracheil
05/18/11 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
PASE/Life Challenge, ESI Challenge; 2011 NAE4-HA Marketplace
Kris Spath, Michelle Krehbiel, Patricia Fairchild
05/12/11 2011 Nebraska State Fair Update Kathleen Lodl, Vernon Waldren
05/11/11 New Employee Training: Introduction to the Nebraska 4-H Horse Program Kathy Anderson
05/10/11 Science for Clover Kids Deb Weitzenkamp
05/02/11 Processing Your District and State 4-H Horse Show Entries Kathy Anderson
04/26/2011 Family and Consumer Science Webquiz Instruction Sheet Michelle Krehbiel, Mike Riese
04/20/2011 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
4-H Action Team Update/Strategic Plan, Citizenship Washington Focus, NPower
Michelle Krehbiel, Vickie Greve
04/14/2011 Access 4-H Jenny Nixon, Katie Larson
03/16/2011 Nebraska 4-H Web Seminar Training
UNL Student Money Management Center, Creating Quality Learning Experiences
Erin Wirth, Michelle Krehbiel
02/01/2011 New 4h.unl.edu Web Site for Nebraska 4-H Youth Development Program Tracy Pracheil
01/21/2011 What's Next with Nebraska 4-H Professional Development
An interactive discussion session to get ideas and feedback
Doug Swanson
01/20/2011 Breakthrough Learning
Assuring transfer of learning when teaching adults and youth
Doug Swanson
01/20/2011 4-H Club/Council Tax Exempt Status/EIN Update Kathleen Lodl

Taking the Lead in 4-H Environmental Education and Plant Science

Christy Burnett