4-H Clover Chase: A Nebraska 150 Event

March 1 - August 15, 2017

Celebrate all things Nebraska and 4-H through this unique virtual scavenger hunt!

Nebraska 4-H, in partnership with the Nebraska 4-H Foundation, is celebrating the Nebraska Statehood 150 with the 4-H Clover Chase. Between March 1 - August 15, 2017, Nebraska 4-H will be hosting a photo scavenger hunt for all 4-H members. Each participant who completes the chase will receive a commemorative water bottle and be entered to win a drone!

Nebraska 150


STEP 1: Download the App

Download the Eventzee App for iPad or iPhone or for Android. Once installed, enter the code below to begin playing.

Event Code: NE4HChase

STEP 2: Complete Challenges

Refer to the Eventzee Player Guide to complete the challenges as listed in the app (examples include taking a photo of a local celebrity, a leading industry, the tallest building in the county, and more). Submit photo entries on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Be sure to include your county name and the 4-H clover in each photo or post. Once your photo is submitted, you’ll get points.

Important: Be sure to ask permission before taking a photo of or with another person and posting on social media! We do not recommend that youth under the age of 13 should utilize the app without parent permission.

STEP 3: Collect Points

You will recieve points for each photo submitted using the guidelines in STEP 2. Complete enough challenges to get 150 points. Each submission must be a unique photo. One photo per challenge. Photos cannot be used more than once.

STEP 4: Claim Your Prize

Each participant who completes the chase and collects 150 points will receive a “4-H Clover Chase” commemorative water bottle. Everyone who receives a prize for completion will be put into a drawing to win a drone with video capability. The Nebraska Extension Office with the highest percentage of participation wins a free National Youth Science Day kit.

Show proof of completion at your local Nebraska Extension Office to get your water bottle and be entered to win a drone! The 4-H Clover Chase ends August 15, which means you have approximately 150 days to get out and show us what your county is made of!