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Get 4-H Camp shipped to you in a Box! 4-H Camp in a Box includes everything you'll need to complete a fun, hands-on activity. Kits include lesson plans and activity guides for youth ages 8-11 and 11-14. 

Additional add-on kits are also available for an extra $10. 

Shipping within the state of Nebraska is included in the cost of the kit. For an additional $5.00, we'll even ship to surrounding states, including Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.


Tie-Dye Kit

  • 1 limited edition camp T-shirt (white shirt with white lettering)
  • 1 soda ash
  • 3 containers of cold wash dye
  • 15 rubber bands
  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • 1 lesson plan and activity guide for ages 8-11
  • 1 lesson plan and activity guide for ages 11-14

– $40.00 –

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Nebraska 4-H Camp programs are accredited by the American Camp Association! Learn why ACA-Accreditation matters.

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