Please contact the outdoor program manager for campers requiring special health care or with mobility limitations. Together, you and the Camp Director can discuss the nature of your camper’s needs and gather additional information to determine if the camp can provide the proper support, supervision and necessary accommodation for your camper to have a safe, fulfilling camp experience. To be successful at camp, your camper needs to be independent with self-care (shower, dressing, using the restroom). Your camper needs to feel comfortable in the following camper to counselor ratios:

Camper Age Number of Staff Overnight Participants Day-only Participants
4-5 years 1 5 6
6-8 years 1 6 8
9-14 years 1 8 10
15-18 years 1 10 12

We are dedicated to serving ALL youth at Nebraska 4-H and accommodation can be made in many cases. Please contact the Camp Director or Camp Manager if you would like to speak about accommodation.

Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers programs are American Camp Association accredited.

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