Contacting Your Camper

Telephones and Cell Phones

Campers are not generally allowed to receive or make phone calls while at camp. If there is a problem or if your camper is not doing well, a staff member will contact you as soon as possible. If in an emergency arises at home and you must contact the camp by phone, our summer phone numbers are: are:

  • Eastern Nebraska 4-H Camp – (402) 332-4496
  • Nebraska State 4-H Camp – (308) 533-2224

Please ask to speak to the camp director or assistant camp director. If they are not available, leave a message and they will return your call as quickly as possible.

Campers are not allowed to have a cell phone for any reason. Camera phones can create privacy and legal concerns. Camp is purposefully a place where campers can “unplug,” allowing them to better connect with each other and their environment.

Any cell phone brought to camp by a camper will be secured in the camp office until the camper is ready to leave for home. Nebraska 4-H is not responsible for lost, stolen, broken, or damaged property.

Correspondence – Snail mail, email, and packages

Happy mail from home is always a welcome addition to the camp experience. To ensure that your camper receives a letter each day, we recommend writing letters ahead of time and giving them to staff at camper drop-off. Staff will hand deliver them to your camper throughout the week. If you use the U.S. Postal Service, allow three or more days for mail to arrive. Consider sending letters before h/she leaves for camp and we will store those until your camper’s session.

Make sure your mail is cheerful and positive. Ask questions about what they are doing at camp, but please do not tell them about all the great things h/she is missing or how much you miss them. This can lead to homesickness. Mail with unhappy news (a pet passed away, a favorite relative is moving out of the area, etc.), while important, is sometimes better left until a camper returns home and can be with supportive friends and family. When sending mail, please use the following addresses and format:

Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center:
[Camper’s Name]
[Camp Session]
Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center
21520 W Hwy 31
Gretna, Nebraska 68028 

Nebraska State 4-H Camp: 
[Camper’s Name]
[Camp Session]
Nebraska State 4-H Camp
83222 4-H Camp Road
Halsey, Nebraska 69142

To encourage mail to you from camp, you might consider including pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes and postcards in your camper’s gear. Please send all stamps and envelopes in waterproof ziplock bags to withstand the humidity at camp.

You may email your camper at camp. Please put their name and session name (ex. Summer Fun, Tank and Tube the Loop, etc.) in the subject line. A staff member will check the email address once a day and distribute the emails with the snail mail to the camper. Due to the limited number of computers at camp your camper will not be able to email you back. Be aware that attachments and e-cards cannot be opened or printed. Camp email addresses are as follows:

Care Packages

Please do not send any care packages to your child at camp. Any care package received will be kept in the office until check out day for pick up. Nebraska 4-H is not responsible for lost or stolen care packages.

Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers programs are American Camp Association accredited.

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