Each camp is staffed by a trained staff member known as a health supervisor and helpers known as med aides.

Health History

In order for your camper to attend camp and receive the best care in the event of an accident or illness, all campers must submit a current Camper Health History/Release form found in your online profile. This form must be completed three (3) weeks prior to the camp session your camper attending. Please provide us with all relevant information regarding your camper. If your camper has any special needs, our knowledge of these will only further the camp experience. This information is securely stored and only shared with staff working with your camper. If you have questions, please contact us.

Health Screenings

Campers will receive health screenings when checking in at camp. The screening must be completed before the adult dropping the camper off is able to leave. Each camper’s current physical condition must be checked. This will include a check of temperature, questions about her recent health and a head check for lice.

Head Lice

Head lice are common in children and adults so please check your camper before you bring them to camp. We will be unable to allow any camper to attend camp if there are any nits or lice in their hair. Refunds will not be provided if your camper has lice and decides not to attend camp. Some signs of head lice are:

  • An itchy scalp and a great deal of head scratching.
  • Nits in the hair. Unlike dandruff, nits attach themselves to the hair shaft and cannot be “flicked” off of the hair.

Parents/guardians will be contacted if the following situations occur:

  • If your camper spends the night in the health center.
  • If your camper has a sustained temperature greater than 101oF
  • If your camper has vomiting or diarrhea more than 3 times in a 24 hour period.
  • If you camper has an unexplained rash (chicken pox, impetigo, ringworm, not attributed to poison ivy/oak, bug bites, etc.) • If your camper needs to see a doctor or visit the emergency room.

Parents/guardians may be contacted in the following situations:

  • If the health aide has a question in regards to information supplied on your campers Health History/Release form (medications, chronic health conditions, etc).
  • If a camp staff person needs your assistance/support in regard to your camper’s well-being.

Medications, Vitamins, Non-Prescription Drugs, Etc.

All medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, etc. must be handed in when campers check in at camp. Please make sure not to pack these items in your camper’s gear. If your camper requires a rescue inhaler, epi-pen or other rescue medication, they will be carried by the counselors with your camper at all times. For safety of the camp community, no camper (including adult participants) will be allowed to keep medication on their person or in their belongings.

Please note the following as you are packing your camper’s medications:

  • All medicines, vitamins, non-prescription drugs, etc. must come to camp in the original containers.
  • Prescription drugs must be in the original prescription container with the name of the camper and have the instructions from a physician as to dosage, use, etc. accompanying the container. Please check carefully to ensure inhalers or other boxed medications and prescription samples either have the box with the prescription label or a note from your physician indicating the campers name, dosage, and any other instructions.
  • Vitamins, non-prescription drugs, herbal supplements, etc. require a written signed note from the parent/guardian indicating dosage and frequency.

Medication Blister Packs

All prescription medications are required to be filled into provided blister medication packs during the check in process. You will be required to transfer information regarding the prescribed medication onto the provided medication labels. Please see the health supervisor, if you have any questions or need assistance.

Emergency Procedures

Parents will be contacted if there is an emergency that affects the camp community. Examples of emergencies include wildfire evacuation, tsunami evacuation or other such occurrences. If these events occur, please do not call camp. You will be contacted by Nebraska 4-H staff with information regarding next steps.

Medical Insurance

Health insurance is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility.

Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers programs are American Camp Association accredited.

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