Returning Campers

Even though your camper has been to camp before, here are a few tips to keep things going smoothly.

Returning campers can also experience “homesickness.” This may be due to changes at home: marriage, divorce, a new sibling, death of a loved one, etc. If your camper is in any of these situations, talk about it before they come to camp. This will help process the changes so h/she won’t have to worry at camp.

You may choose to share this information with the camp staff so they can be aware and sensitive to your camper’s situation.

Sometimes returning campers have to adjust to the fact that camp is different than it was last summer. Talk with your camper about how things change and that camp will be different and might just be better! Campers who are returnees are often “the experts” at camp. We encourage campers who are returning to be compassionate to the new campers and show other them how exciting camp can be. This is hands-on leadership development!

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