Team Building Programs

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Whether your team is a group working together for the first time or an established team, a Challenge Course experience at one of the Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers can build teamwork, trust, and communication.

The Nebraska State 4-H Camp and Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center both provide outstanding facilities for groups who visit to participate in team building activities. A few of these features include:

  • Open areas for ground initiatives and activities
  • A variety of low to the ground elements incorporated on the Team Development Course that allows programming flexibility
  • Zip lines utilizing "auto-zip" technology for fun and efficient thrills
  • Several facility options for dining, meeting space, hiking, tours, or gatherings

Anyone can participate in a Challenge Course experience! Group sizes can range from a minimum of 8 participants and up. The staff at the Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers create and modify programs to incorporate the needs of individual team members for participation in both the T.R.U.S.T. Course and the Odyssey Course.

Organizational Development Day

Your group can spend a day on the challenge course learning by doing on elements designed to challenge and teach. Programs can be customized to desired outcomes and will result in:

  • Increased confidence and trust between team members
  • Problem solving skills and practical knowledge of how the team works best
  • Adventure, recreation, and fun for your group in an outdoor environment
  • New ideas and motivation to your organization providing potential growth for your team


TRUST Course at Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers

TRUST Course

Located at:
Nebraska State 4-H Camp
Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center

The TRUST (Teams Reaching Understanding and Success Together) Course offers both low elements (3-10 feet), as well as high elements (>10 feet) which requires the use of ropes and belay equipment. These experiences include sequences of hands-on, experiential activities that incorporate all individuals into significant roles of contribution, trust, and support within the team.

Explore TRUST Course

Odyssey Course at Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers

Odyssey Course

Located at:
Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center

The Odyssey Course offers an intense team building experience. The unique design of this challenge course allows teams of eight to accomplish goals together while working 20-35 feet in the air. The program is aims to increase trust, cooperation, and communication between team members.

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Plan Your Team Building Experience

Step 1: Contact Us

To make arrangements for your group to participate in one of our team building programs, please contact the Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers.

Contact Nebraska 4-H Camps & Centers

Step 2: Arrange Transportation

After contacting us and making your reservation, you will need to arrange transportation for your group independently.

Step 3: Distribute Information

You will need to distribute the following information and forms to all of the participants in your group:

  • Waiver & Release of Liability Form – Youth Participant | Adult Participant
  • Health form – Coming soon!
  • List of what to bring – Coming soon!
  • Other necessary information

Step 4: Finalize Schedule

As your reservation date approaches, we will work with you to set up and finalize your program schedule.

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