4-H Commodity Carnival

The Commodity Carnival program, sponsored by CME Group and the National 4-H Council, offers a fun learning activity for youth to experience managing the business risks associated with producing and bringing livestock to market. 

The Commodity Carnival consists of three activities that guide participants through the process of producing and selling livestock: grow your livestock, sell your livestock, and win a ribbon. After participating, youth:

  • Recognize an agriculture commodity and associate commodities with products used in daily life,
  • Understand the investment required to raise a commodity, and
  • Discover how commodity risks factor into market sale prices.

The game aims to build greater literacy in agricultural science and economics at state and county fairs. The Commodity Carnival will be offered at nearly 100 state and county fairs throughout the Midwest during the summer and fall. Additionally, youth and families can also play at home by downloading the Risk Ranch app at the iTunes stores

For questions about this program or the information on this page, please contact:

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EMAIL: ashley.benes@unl.edu
PHONE: 308-396-6784