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Welcome to the Design Decisions website! Here you will find all website links mentioned in the Design Decisions manual and more! All charts in the manual are available here for download and printing.

The Internet has many useful resources. However, not all sites are accurate or useful. Generally, sites that are .edu or .gov have accurate educational information and are protected. If the site is an .org, it is representing a group of businesses or industries. A .com site is a commercial site and will focus on both the product and sales. Some .com sites have educational information, but reading the privacy policy is important. Avoid giving personal information over the Internet. If a link provided in this cannot be found, search the key words for the general site and topic. Please contact the Nebraska 4-H Curriculum Office if you find a dead link or a link to a page that has questionable content.

New! Design Decisions Challenge

The new Design Decisions project offers a new way to showcase what youth are learning in this project - the Design Decisions Challenge. The 4-H member is challenged to be the designer- to select a Design Challenge, evaluate the challenge, determine several possible solutions, decide the best one, and DO IT!

Design Decisions Challenge 2010 (400KB PDF): Learn more about this new opportunity to showcase your creativity at your county and the Nebraska State Fair!

Design Decisions Challenge Information for 4-H Staff