State 4-H Dog Event Volunteer Interest Form

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Obedience Rings
Showmanship Rings
Rally Rings
Dog Skillathon
Agility Ring
Please rank your choices (1=favorite; 6=least favorite).
Role Required
Willing to assist in any role as needed Required
Ring Steward (set up ring and equipment, assist judge) Required
Ring Assistant (assist Ring Steward) Required
Gate Steward (call and line exhibitors) Required
Table Steward/Clerk (record class results, complete paperwork, assist judge) Required
Ribbon Clerk (handout ribbons) Required
Announcer Required
Agility Scribe/Clerk Required
Agility Timer Required
Agility Ring Crew (assist with course changes) Required
Exhibitor Guide (gathers and leads the next group of exhibitors to the ring) Required
Other Required
Please rank your choices (1=favorite; 11=least favorite).