University of Nebraska Toolbox & Brand Guide

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Toolbox & Brand Guide

National 4-H Marketing Online Resource Center

The National 4-H Marketing Online Resource Center (MORC) offers a large variety of resources, including a photo library, training materials, additional event toolkits, and more promotional materials. These materials, however, are not customized for Nebraska 4-H and may not include the necessary publication requirements. Login is required to access the MORC. However, anyone working with 4-H may request access. 

Nebraska Extension Communication Toolbox

The Nebraska Extension Communication Toolbox includes resources applicable to the entire Extension system, including a branding toolbox with logos, lockups, and stationery; a photos release form; publication, social media, and video content resources; and impact reporting resources. Login is required.

Icon Factory

The Icon Factory is an online collection of thousands of University icons. The platform allows users to search, browse, customize, and download icons.