Co-Superintendent - Tracy Pracheil
Co-Superintendent - Angela Abts

The 4-H FilmFest is the display of digital videos that show the recording, reproducing, and broadcasting of moving visual images; digital videos may be created by one (1) individual or a team of two (2) individuals. During the 4-H FilmFest, youth will provide a 1-minute oral introduction (name, background/goal of presentation, intended audience, where presentation could be shared, etc.) followed by the showing of their digital video. The following digital videos may be entered in the 4-H FilmFest:

  • Video Public Service Announcement: A short video that communicates an educational message focused on a cause, activity, or event (Length: 60 seconds).
  • Narrative: A video that tells a fact or fiction story (Length: 3-5 minutes).
  • Documentary: A video that presents factual information about a person, event, or process (Length: 3-5 minutes).
  • Animation: A video created by techniques that simulate movement from individual images (Length: 3-5 minutes).

Digital videos submitted will be judged live at the 4-H FilmFest. The judge will view the videos live and engage in a question and answer session with the video producer(s). The 4-H participant will be on the stage for a formal introduction and then seated in the audience for viewing of video.


  1. Participant Requirements:
    • All participants must be 10 years old before January 1 of the current year.
    • Any 4-H FilmFest digital video that has been previously shared at the County 4-H Presentation Contest or other events that has a live audience (4-H Club Meeting, Community Event, etc.) is eligible for this division. o The class requires the presence of the contestant(s).
    • Participants are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $5 for each participant or $10 for a team of two participants.
    • Each participant is required to wear the 4-H chevron, 4-H emblem, or 4-H shirt during their presentation.
  2. Film Topic:
    • 4-H FilmFest digital videos should engage the audience and teach them about something the 4-H youth is learning about science, healthy living, citizenship, and agricultural literacy.
    • Enrollment in the project area in which the participant is making a presentation is not required.
  3. Contest Information:
    • Date and Location: Please refer to the Nebraska State Fair Schedule
    • All digital videos entered in this class must be submitted to the Nebraska State 4-H Office before the Nebraska State Fair; video submission information will be sent to participants in the email from 4HOnline that will be sent after August 10, 2019. The video may include photos, clip art, animation, text, and/or audio/sound. Any freeware/software program may be used to create the presentation. However, the only file formats that will be accepted include: .mp4, .mov, or .avi.
  4. Awards - Top two (2) outstanding films will be given a $50 cash award; if awarded to a team, the cash award will be divided among the team members.


  • Class B153001 - 4-H FilmFest (Digital Video) Contest. SF67.


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