2019 Date & Location Change

Due to facility changes at Fonner Park during the 2019 Nebraska State Fair, the 2019 State 4-H Dog Show and Dog Skillathon Contest will be held on Saturday, September 7th at the Animal Science Complex on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s East Campus. For more event information, please visit the 2019 State 4-H Dog Event page.

Superintendent: Grace Kim

NOTE TO EXHIBITOR AND EXTENSION OFFICE: Please follow the rules carefully. Contact the Superintendent if you have any questions. Exhibitors are expected to read and follow the information in the “State Fair 4-H Dog Exhibitor and Dog Skillathon Letter” which is posted on the web with the 4-H dog information.

General Rules

  1. 4-H members are eligible to participate in the Dog Skill-a-thon regardless of project enrollment. 
  2. All participants must be enrolled in 4-H and be 10 years of age as of January 1 of current year. 
  3. The skill-a-thon will be held in conjunction with the State 4-H Dog Show at the Animal Science Complex on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln East Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday, September 7, 2019. Check the 2019 State 4-H Dog Event webpage for more information. 
  4. This is an individual contest. No teams. 
  6. While a contest is in progress, contestants shall not communicate with others, except as directed by the Superintendent of the contest. Participants will be informed of regulations at the beginning of each contest. 

Pre-Registration & Entry Fees

You must pre-register online by the required deadline in order to participate. 4-H members involved in all state judging contests are required to pay a non-refundable entry fee. No one may register on day of show as they have not pre-registered or paid the entry fee.

Age Divisions

Intermediate (10-13 yrs of age) Seniors (14-18 yrs of age)

Dress Code

Exhibitors are required to wear the official State Fair 4-H t-shirt. If there is no official State Fair 4-H T-shirt, exhibitors are required to wear a white shirt (or blouse) with the official 4-H chevron attached or a 4-H T-shirt. Solid blue jeans are required. No hats, caps or other types of headgear are to be worn. Exhibitors shall not display any local, county or club identification.


4-H members participating in judging, skill and identification contests will be recognized as follows: 

  • Individuals: P-B-R-W to all contestants. 
  • Senior Division: Champion High Point-Gold medal; Reserve High Point-Silver medal; 3rd High Point-Bronze medal. Placing ribbons-1st through 10th High Points, will be awarded.
  • Intermediate Division: Champion High Point-Gold medal; Reserve High Point-Silver medal; 3rd High Point-Bronze medal. Placing ribbons-1st through 10th High Points, will be awarded.


Results tabulated and submitted by the Superintendent to the State Fair Judging Contest Coordinator are final. Results of the 1st through 10th high point individuals will be posted after the contest. Other results will be available on the 4-H web page after the State Fair as provided by the contest superintendent.


The contest will consist of a series of stations that are designed to test your knowledge of dogs. Some stations may be visual diagrams or hands on activities to demonstrate a dog related technique. Stations will cover:

  • Breed identification pictures from the Focus Group (majority of focus) 
    2019 - Herding
    2020 - Working
    2021 - Non-Sporting
    2022 - Terrier
  • Breed identification pictures from all other groups (a few)
  • Dog Care
  • Conformation
  • Dog Body Language
  • Behavior
  • Grooming
  • Parasites
  • Nutrition
  • Life Stage
  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Showmanship
  • Rally
  • Other Dog Sports – general
  • Equipment – collars, leashes, grooming equipment, and items used for general care, etc…
  • Anatomy
  • Body Systems
  • Dog Careers 


  • 4-H Dog Manuals (Manuals 1 & 2 for Juniors; Manuals 1, 2, & 3 for Seniors)
  • American Kennel Club Breed Book
  • www.akc.org
  • Educational materials on the 4-H Dog web page, and general information about dogs that is available on the Companion Animal eXtension web page.


  • F500006 - Intermediate Dog Skillathon
  • F500005 - Senior Dog Skillathon