Superintendent-Brett Kreifels, Springfield, NE 
Assistant Superintendent-Tessa Hain, Neligh, NE

Poultry General Rules

  1. General Rules - Nebraska State Fair Livestock General Rules & Regulations apply to this department. It is strongly encouraged that all exhibitors read and understand the Nebraska State Fair Livestock General Rules and Regulations and Livestock Health Requirements. These documents can be found on the Nebraska State Fair website.
  2. Certification of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) - All animals must be accompanied by appropriate health papers with the exception of rabbits and poultry originating from Nebraska. The CVI must be present and all livestock will be inspected by a veterinarian off site prior to entering the grounds. See Health Requirements for Animals Exhibited at the Nebraska State Fair for additional information.
  3. Check-In & Show Schedule - See Nebraska State Fair Livestock Schedule for arrival, check-in and show times and dates.  Note: No check-ins will occur on Saturday.
  4. Release of Exhibits - All animals will be released according to the Nebraska State Fair release schedule. All poultry must be housed at the State FAir fron check in to the release time. Poultry removed early will forfeit awards.
  5. Number of Exhibits per Exhibitor - A 4-H member is limited to exhibiting 5 live bird entries (egg production birds are considered one entry). Egg entries are not considered in the 5 bird limit. Egg entries are limited to one dozen per exhibitor.
  6. Dress Code - When showing animals, exhibitors must wear the official State Fair 4-H shirt. No exhibitor number harnesses may be worn. Blue jeans are appropriate. Hats shall not be worn in the show ring.
  7. Showmanship - All 4-H exhibitors are automatically registered by not required to show in Showmanship. See additional guidelines and information in the Showmanship section below. Review the Nebraska State Fair Schedule for times and dates.
  8. Substitutions - Each entry should fit the appropriate class and breed. For example, a 4-H member may substitute a Large Fowl Chicken for another Large Fowl Chicken but may not substitute a Large Fowl Chicken for a Bantam Chicken. Additionally, the 4-H member MAY NOT substitute a chick for a duck or vice versa. This requirement reduces the need for additional cages.
  9. Awards - Appropriate awards will be awarded to exhibitors for the Grand Champion and the Reserve Champion Fowls in Overall Large Fowl, Large Fowl Classes (American, Asiatic, English, Mediterranean, Continental, and All Other Standard Breeds), Overall Band, Bantam Classes (Game, Single Comb Clean Legged, Rose Comb Clean Legged, All Other Combs Clean Legged, and Feather Legged), Best Eggs, Best and Reserve Duck, Best and Reserve Goose, Best and Reserve Waterfowl, Best and Reserve Turkey, Best and Reserve Production Fowl and best Show Poultry.
  10. Entry Requirements - All poultry exhibited must be grown in the 4-H member's project.
  11. Breeds - To be eligible for breed exhibition, cockerel, pullet, cock, or hen chicken entries be fair representatives of one of the breeds listed in the American Standard of Perfection or the American Bantam Assoc. Standard of Perfection.
  12. Production Trio - A pen of egg production brids can be hybrids, crossbred, or purebred and shall consist of 3 sexually matrure females. Egg production females will be judged for production qualitites only and need not necessarily conform to breed standards.
  13. Rules for Bantam & Other Poultry - The rules for standard size chickens apply equally to bantams, waterfowl, and turkey where applicable.
  14. Care & Handling Practices - Poultry must be cared for by the 4-H member. The superintendents are not responsible for daily care (feed is provided). Cardboard or other barriers may be used to help separate fighting poultry between cages. Barriers will not be supplied by the Nebraska State Fair and must be provided by the 4-H member. 

Poultry Showmanship


  1. Basis for Judging - showmanship is based on grooming and training of the bird and the appearance and behavior of the exhibitor. The exhibitor must vocally explain the steps in their routine and the merit of the bird. Primarily showmanship is the skill of the exhibitor in presenting and explaining the bird before the judge. The excellence of the bird is not considered in scoring. 
  2. The judges may or may not ask questions of the exhibitor at the close of the routine.
  3. Maximum length of showmanship presentations is five minutes. Exhibitors will be timed. One (1) point will be deducted for showmanship presentations exceeding 5 minutes.
  4. Refer to the Nebraska State Fair Livestock Schedule for the Poultry Showmanship schedule.


  • G070022 - Intermediate Showmanship (10-13 years old by January 1 of the current year) 
  • G070023 - Senior Showmanship (14-18 years old by January 1 of the current year)

Poultry Breed



  • G070002 - American (Plymouth Rock, Jersey Giant, Wyandotte, New Hampshire Red, Rhode Island Red) 
  • G070003 - Asiatic (Cochin, Brahmas, Langshan) 
  • G070004 - English (Cornish, Orpington, Australorps, Sussex, Dorkings) 
  • G070005 - Mediterranean (Leghorn, Buttercup, Minorca) 
  • G070006 - Continental (Polish, Hamburg, Campines, Faverolles, Houdan) 
  • G070007 - All other Breeds (Naked Neck, Game, Sumatra, Araucanas, Ameraucanas)


  • G070008 - Game Bantam (Modern and Old English) 
  • G070009 - Single Comb Clean Legged (Plymouth Rock, Leghorn, Japanese, Rhode Island Red, Orpingtons, New Hampshire) 
  • G070010 - Rose Comb Clean Legged (Rosecomb, Wyandotte, Sebright, Leghorn, Belgian Bearded D’Anver) 
  • G070011 - All Other Comb Clean Legged (Polish, Cornish, Houdan, Sumatra) 
  • G070012 - Feather Legged Class (Silkie, Cochin, Brahma, Belgian Bearded D’Uccle, Langshan)


  • G070013 - Heavy (Pekin, Rouen, Alyesbury Muscovy)
  • G070014 - Medium (Swedish, Buff, Crested, Cayuga) 
  • G070015 - Light (Runner, Khaki, Campbell, Magpie)
  • G070016 - Bantam Ducks (Call, Mallard, East Indie, Wood Ducks and Mandarins)


  • G070017 - Geese (all weight classes)


  • G070018 - Turkeys 


  • G070019 - Egg Production Trios



  • G070020 - One dozen white eggs 
  • G070021 - One dozen brown eggs 
  • G070022 - One dozen other colored eggs

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