Superintendent: Jill Goedeken 
Assistant Superintendent: Jana Schwartz

Swine General Rules

  1. General Rules - Nebraska State Fair Livestock General Rules and Regulations apply to this department. It is strongly encouraged that all exhibitors read and understand the Nebraska State Fair Livestock General Rules and Regulations and Livestock Health Requirements. These documents can be found at the Nebraska State Fair website.
  2. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) - All animals must be accompanied by appropriate health papers with the exception of rabbits and poultry originating from Nebraska. The CVI must be present and all livestock will be inspected by a veterinarian off site prior to entering the grounds. See Health Requirements for Animals Exhibited at the Nebraska State Fair for additional information.
  3. Show Schedule - See Nebraska State Fair Livestock Schedule for arrival, check-in and show times and dates.
  4. Number of Exhibits per Exhibitor - A 4-H member is limited to exhibiting three market hogs.
  5. Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) - Nebraska 4-H requires all youth enrolled in livestock projects to complete annual quality assurance training through Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA). Refer to the Nebraska State Fair General Rules and Regulations for additional information.
  6. Show Entry - Youth have until August 10 to declare if they will show 4-H or FFA at State Fair. Youth who choose to exhibit their animal in the FFA Show at State Fair will be ineligible to show that animal at the AKSARBEN show.
  7. Dress Code - When showing animals, exhibitors must wear the official State Fair 4-H shirt.No exhibitor number harnesses may be worn. Blue jeans are appropriate. Hats shall not be worn in the show ring.
  8. Showmanship - All 4-H exhibitors are automatically registered but not required to show in Showmanship. Exhibitors must show their own animal and must show in the class assigned. Review the Nebraska State Fair Schedule for times and dates.
  9. Substitutions - Any animal may be substituted for an animal within the species that has been properly nominated on the exhibitor’s online nomination database list.
  10. Grooming - All beef, swine, sheep, and goats (showmanship, market and breeding) will be shown Blow & Go. Animals may be clipped, blown, brushed or combed to enhance their appearance. Reference the Nebraska State Fair Livestock General Rules and Regulations for specific guidelines.
  11. Toweling Protocol - All beef, swine, sheep, and goats maybe subject to visual inspection and toweling (before and/or after entering the show ring) using a disposable blue shop towel for the presence of adhesive, glue, paint, or powder products. Toweling of the animal may include, but is not limited to, the topline, legs, chest, belly, flank, and cod/udder areas. If, after inspection, the animal is found to have adhesive, glue, paint, or powder products applied it will be disqualified from competition.Any premiums (physical or monetary) will be forfeited and no refunds will be made.
  12. Handling Practices - Feeding hogs is not allowed in the wash racks.
  13. Release of Exhibits - The Nebraska State Fair Swine Show is a TERMINAL show. ALL MARKET SWINE, WHETHER ELIGIBLE OR INELIGIBLE, MUST BE FORWARDED TO SLAUGHTER AS THIS IS A TERMINAL SHOW. All exhibitors must provide a Premise ID number and PQA number for all swine being marketed. A completed packer swine exhibitor affidavit and 4-H market animal affidavit must be presented at check-in. Market hogs will be shipped for slaughter as soon as possible after the show. All hogs are sold in the individual 4-H member's name, grade and yield to the packer. All normal market rules in regard to animal quality and drug residues will be enforced.

Swine Showmanship


  • G035008 - Intermediate Swine Showmanship (10-13 years old before January 1 of the current year)
  • G035009 - Senior Swine Showmanship (14-18 years old before January 1 of the current year)

Market Swine


  • Market Swine Identification & DNA Requirements - All market swine to be shown at State Fair must be tagged with an official 840 USDA EID tag or producer EID tag, owned by the exhibitor, have completed the online nomination entry and have the DNA collector envelope with hair sample submitted to their county Extension office by June 15. Hogs will be disqualified without exception if the EID information does not match the hog at check-in.
    Note: The universal ear notch system with notches will not be an acceptable form of identification at the Nebraska State Fair.
  • Minimum and Maximum Weights for Market Swine 
    • Market hogs have a lower weight limit of 230 lbs. and upper weight limit of 320 lbs. to qualify for the regular show.
    • All light and heavy hogs will be allowed to show, but will not be eligible for purple ribbons or to compete for division awards. No weight allowances will be given.
  • Weigh Cards - Exhibitors will declare weights of all market hogs (an official weigh-in will not be conducted by show officials). Weigh cards must be completed and turned in during the designated check-in time and location. The weight listed on the weigh card will become that animal’s official declared weight to be used for assignment to a class and for weigh-back purposes.
  • Weigh Backs - A weigh back will be incorporated for all 1st and 2nd place purples. A 5% variance from weigh-in weight will be allowed. Animals not meeting the 5% variance above or below the weigh-in weight will be lowered one ribbon group and will not be eligible for any champion awards.The 3rd place purple may also be requested to weigh back if the 1st or 2nd place purples do not meet the 5% variance requirement.
  • Show Classes - Classes will be divided into three divisions of gilts and three divisions of barrows. Market gilts will be judged first followed by market barrows. Division winners will be in the drive for Champion Market Gilt and Champion Market Barrow of the Nebraska State Fair. The Champion Market Gilt, Champion Market Barrow, Reserve Champion Market Gilt and Reserve Champion Market Barrow will go to a final drive for Champion Market Swine and Reserve Champion Market Swine.


  • G035010 - Market Gilts
  • G035020 - Market Barrows

Carcass Contest


  1. Carcass Contest Entries - All market swine have the option to participate in the Carcass Contest. Exhibitors who are interested in participating will be required to ultrasound their exhibits during check-in.
  2. Basis for Placing in Ribbon Groups - Carcasses will be grouped into ribbon groups based on the factors of carcass weight, 10th rib fat thickness from ultrasound measurement, loin eye area from ultrasound measurement and percent lean calculated from these factors.
  3. Live Weight Requirement for Blue and Purple Awards - To be eligible for blue or purple ribbons, carcasses must be from barrows and gilts with live weights of 230 lbs. or greater.
  4. The carcass contest may be cancelled if the cooperating packer cannot be secured.
  5. Hogs that are disqualified or scratched from the live show are also disqualified from carcass contest placing.


  • G035003 - Carcass Contest