Superintendent: Karly Black, Pawnee


  • Participants may select ONE exhibit from any department which was selected for state fair to complete their awards application about.
  • An awards application should be completed and turned in to the County Office by the county’s entry deadline. Handwritten or typed entries are accepted. Entries are only judged on the information included in the application.
  • Award applications need to include a photograph of the exhibit. The photograph will not be used for judging, but is needed if the exhibit needs to be located in the exhibit hall.


  • During static exhibit check-in, the award application should be dropped off into the box at the Science, Engineering, and Technology Department area by Noon. The original exhibit should be dropped off to its department area.


  • A score sheet will be used to judge each exhibit. Exhibits which do not have a completed application or photograph can be disqualified at the discretion of the judge.
  • Participants will be scored on how well they communicate their use of the Scientific Method or Engineering Design Process while completing their exhibit.
  • An exhibit involving a science topic does not necessary qualify it to be the best choice for this award.


  • All award applications entered will receive a participation certificate. No ribbons or premiums will be awarded.
  • Up to 3 top exhibits will be chosen to receive a $100 cash award sponsored by the Nebraska 4-H Foundation. A special recognition certificate will be placed on their exhibit to showcase their achievement.


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