Steps to Forming and Registering a FIRST  Tech Challenge Team

  • Form a team of 2-10 high school-aged youth and at least one coach
  • Review the Start a Team Checklist & Resources
  • Register with FIRST to get your team number, access to the challenge and the opportunity to register for a tournament.
    • Registration fee is $275.
    • Teams will need to puchase the new FIRST Tech Challenge Technology, primary phones and adapters for events.
    • Each team will need a Tetrix Kit. They can be purchased at the time of registration.
    • New teams should check out the FIRST Tech Challenge  Team Grants.
  • Start meeting as a team.
  • Begin building, programming, researching, and practicing as soon as the Challenge is announced.
  • Register for the Nebraska FIRST Tech Challenge Championship (Available 10/1). See the Nebraska FIRST Robotics Schedule for the location, date, time, and cost of this year's Championship.

For questions about this program or the information on this page, please contact:

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COORDINATOR: Brandy W. Schulze
PHONE: 402-472-9023