Examiner Information

All examiners, regardless of the level they are certified in, must complete a Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Profile Personal Information Form (CPS APS Registry Form Jan 2017 pdf.) To complete this form, please contact your local Extension office.

Level I & II

Level I and II examiners must complete the following online course in order to be certified to give Level I and II Skills Tests. Once the course is completed and passed, examiners will be automatically added to the Level I/II Examiner List.    

  • Nebraska Advancement Level Youth Leader Certification Course - To take the certification course, please visit campus.extension.org and conduct a site search for "Nebraska Advancement Level Youth Leader Certification." To begin the course you will need to create a new account. After beginning the course you will need to watch all the videos and take all the quizzes in order to receive a course completion certificate.

Level III & IV

Level III and IV examiners need to complete the Level III and IV Examiner Application and submit to Lena Luck, C204 Animal Science Complex, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68583-0908.

Examiner Lists

Once a leader is certified their name and information will be added to the appropriate lists below.