2019 Fed Steer Challenge Results

2019 Fed Steer Challenge Results

The 4-H Fed Steer Challenge completed the inaugural year of the program this week. The goal of the program is to enhance the educational value of the traditional 4-H beef projects by providing an affordable option that rewards production merit and carcass value of the market animal, along with accurate and complete record-keeping, industry knowledge, and producer engagement by the 4-H member.

Thank you to 4+ Feeders out of Lexington for serving as the producer which supplied the steers this year. Thank you also to: The Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation, The Marilyn Schmidt Ag Outreach Program, and the Nebraska 4-H Foundation for sponsoring awards and educational expenses for the program.

Those youth completing the 2019 4-H Fed Steer Challenge are:

  • Chase Bartels, Saline County
  • Katrina Beel, Brown County
  • Moriah Beel, Brown County
  • Logan Buhrman, Cuming County
  • Tyler Dunburg, Kearney County
  • Lydia Fitzke, Adams County
  • Sydney May, Hamilton County
  • Kelsee Moffatt, Garden County
  • John O'Dea, Red Willow County
  • Ty Ostendorf, Howard County
  • Lacey Schmidt, Thayer County
  • Leah Schmidt, Thayer County
  • Braden Schulte, Buffalo County
  • Spencer Walahoski, Dawson County

The participants competed in multiple categories including Growth Performance (ADG), Carcass Merit, Record Book, and Final Showcase Presentation. Category scores were tabulated and awarded at the 2019 Nebraska Cattlemen Convention held in Kearney, NE on December 5th.

Growth Performance refers to the average daily gain of the animal from the time they were selected to the time of harvest. Top 3 Growth Performance category winners are:

  1. Spencer Walahoski
  2. Katrina Beel
  3. Kelsee Moffatt

Carcass merit scores were based first on the grid price received and second on the total value of the carcass. Top 3 Carcass Merti category winners are:

  1. Spencer Walahoski
  2. Lydia Fitzke
  3. Leah Schmidt

Record books were scored on completeness of records and the ability to show growth in knowledge of their project and the beef industry. Top 3 Record Book category winners are:

  1. Leah Fitzke
  2. Logan Burhman
  3. Kelsee Moffatt

Final Showcase Presentations were hosted at the Nebraska Cattlemen Convention where youth were asked to put together a display to highlight their project. There they were interviewed and scored based on knowledge of, as well as creativity in highlighting the project. Top 3 Showcase Presentation category winners are:

  1. Spencer Walahoski
  2. Tyler Danburg
  3. Kelsee Moffatt

Our top five Overall category winners receive a cash award as well as a $500 scholarship to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Ag Sciences and Natural Resources. Nebraska 4-H Fed Steer Challenge Overall winners are:

  1. Spencer Walahoski
  2. Kelsee Moffatt
  3. Logan Buhrman
  4. Lydia Fitzke
  5. Tyler Danburg

A big congratulations to all the participants who complete the Nebraska 4-H Fed Steer Challenge. The Fed Steer Challenge program will continue in 2020. For more information, visit the 4-H Fed Steer Challenge webpage