Section 4: The Environmental Touch

Our Global Footprint

Success Indicator: You will be able to understand how each of use contributes to a global environment
Life Skills Practiced: Critical thinking, self-responsibility
Project Skills Practiced: Identifying how we contribute to pollution and how our homes differ in their use of natural resources.

Helper's Guide to Section 4: The Environmental TouchAn example of a different type of home from around the world.

Activity 1: House to House

Want to compare more houses from around the world? With your parent's permission, do an online search for "Houses around the world" using your preferred internet search engine.

Activity 2: Big Foot? Little Foot?

What is the size of your environmental footprint?  To find out, go take the Ecological Footprint Quiz to estimate how much you contribute to CO2 emissions and global warming.  You may need to ask an adult in your home to help you answer some of the questions.

Activity 3:  Play In-the-know Game Show

Visit the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research website to play the In-the-know Game Show (390 KB PowerPoint 97-2003 File)

Activity 4:  Go Surf

Check out the following websites

Helper's Guide to Section 4: The Environmental Touch