PASE Eligibility

General Eligibility

  1. 4-H members are eligible to participate in judging, skill and identification contests regardless of project enrollment. 
  2. All participants in events must be at least 10 years of age before January 1 of the current year. 
  3. Contestants must be pre-registered through 4-H Online. 
  4. To represent Nebraska at a regional or national 4-H contest, all members of the team entered in the qualifying state contest (including the alternate on a four member team) must have reached their 14th birthday and not passed their 19th birthday by January 1 of the current year and all (including the alternate) must meet the requirements of the regional or national contest in which they participate. 
  5. Verification of eligibility is based on information provided by county extension staff. 
  6. The final year of eligibility for all contests is the final year of 4-H membership, regardless of year in school. 4-H members who have competed with a collegiate judging team or those that have completed college-level courses specific to the contest subject matter are ineligible to compete in PASE or Life Challenge contests. (Examples: completion of a college-level introductory animal science course would eliminate eligibility for the livestock quiz bowl; completion of a livestock judging class or participation with a community college livestock judging team would eliminate eligibility for the livestock judging contest). 
  7. 4-H'ers become ineligible to compete on a team if they have represented Nebraska in the designated National 4-H contest. Designated National 4-H contests are: Livestock Judging - National 4-H Contest in Louisville, KY Meats Judging - National 4-H Contest in Manhattan, KS Poultry Judging - National 4-H Contest in Louisville, KY Dairy Judging - National 4-H Contest in Madison, WI Quiz Bowl - National 4-H Invitational Livestock Quiz Bowl in Omaha, NE Skill-a-thon - National 4-H Livestock Skill-a-thon Contest in Louisville, KY 
  8. Individuals that are selected and compete in a national contest based on their individual placing in the state level contest (rather than county team placing) are eligible to return to the state contest and judge on a county team. 
  9. 4-H'ers who have competed in a national or regional level contest that is not the designated contest are eligible to compete for team and individual honors. 
  10. High point individuals may return to state competition and compete again for individual and/or team honors.

Judging Team Entries

In Meats, Poultry and Livestock Judging, teams shall consist of 4 members, with the top 3 scores making up the total team score for each species and overall scores. The contestant with the lowest score is still eligible for individual awards. Teams may be entered by a single county or extension unit name. Each county may enter up to 2 teams per judging contest and division (intermediate & senior). If a county does not have enough youth to complete a team, there are two options. Team members may be added from an adjacent county to complete a team OR the youth may enter to compete as individuals. All counties associated with a multi-county team must have representation during the actual contest. If all counties are not represented, the team will be dissolved and remaining members entered as individuals representing their home county. Multi-county teams are considered to be affiliated with those particular counties and will count against the maximum number of teams that may be entered by any given county.

NO county/unit teams should solicit team members without the knowledge and support of extension staff of counties/units from which other team members are recruited. Any one county may enter up to 2 teams and 10 additional individuals for a maximum participation in each contest and division of 18 youth.