Quality Assurance Program

Important Alert!

We are excited to announce that the new QA Curriculum called Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is now active. Anyone who has not registered for the LQA online course for 2017 should now navigate to the NEW online YQCA course at yqca.learngrow.io. You will use your FAMILY 4HOnline login and password information to access the courses for the ACTIVE youth in your family. Only ACTIVE members will show in the drop down menu for access to the course. All registration questions with YQCA should be directed to help@yqca.org. All 4-Hers need to use the 4-H tab and not the FFA tab even if they are members of both organizations. There is a button for families that have forgotten their password. 4-Hers that have started their QA training in the LQA site will be able to complete their modules and print off their certificate of completion and take it to their Extension Office.

Livestock Quality Assurance is a self-directed course designed for youth ages 8-18. Participants learn about the quality of meat and food products that come from livestock. Quality assurance for livestock producers means making a promise to the consumers, or the people who consumer the meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products from food production animals. The promise is that products from livestock will be the highest possible quality and producers will do everything possible to make these products safe to eat.

The Livestock Quality Assurance course is divided into three levels, Junior (4-H youth ages 8-10), Intermediate (4-H youth ages 11-14), and Senior (4-H youth ages 15-18). Each year youth enrolled in livestock projects are required to complete three modules within their age level. Youth are allowed to work ahead to complete all Quality Assurance requirements until they reach the next age level. Intermediate and senior age youth may alternatively elect to test-out of all future Quality Assurance requirements.

Non-Nebraska Participants

Youth and youth leaders outside the state of Nebraska are welcome to participate in the online Livestock Quality Assurance course. However, please contact your local Extension office to verify compliance, deadlines, and completion requirements.

Course Requirements

4-H youth ages 8-18, who are enrolled in any of the livestock projects listed below are required to complete three (3) modules in the Livestock Quality Assurance Online Course annually. The deadline to complete your Quality Assurance requirement is determined by your local Extension office. Please check your local county information to ensure that you meet the deadline for county fair exhibition. 4-H members who exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair and/or AKSARBEN will need to have their Quality Assurance requirements met by the date of entry for those respective shows.

  • Beef
  • Sheep
  • Swine
  • Rabbit
  • Poultry
  • Meat Goat
  • Dairy Goat
  • Dairy Cattle

The online course has been divided into three age levels:

  • Junior - 4-H youth ages 8-10
  • Intermediate - 4-H youth ages 11-14
  • Senior - 4-H youth ages 15-18
Quality Assurance Screen Shot

To receive credit for a module, youth will need to pass the module's associated quiz with a score of 80% or higher. If youth do not pass a quiz on the first try they will have the option to return to the materials and review them again prior to attempting the quiz, or choose a different module instead. Upon completion of each module, youth will be able to print a certificate of completion which will need to be delivered (printed or emailed) to their local Extension office on or before published due dates to receive full credit for completion.

Working Ahead
Youth are eligible to work ahead to complete all Quality Assurance requirements until they reach the next age level. Contact your local Extension office for instructions for submitting certificates of completion when working ahead.

Intermediate and senior level youth are eligible to test-out by taking a written test at their local Extension office to fulfill Quality Assurance age level requirements. Practice tests are available through the online course and can be taken free of charge anytime between January 2nd and October 31st of each year. However, the actual written test must be taken through youth's local Extension office. To test-out of Quality Assurance, please contact your local Extension office for more information and to schedule a testing time.

Course Registration

Before beginning the registration process, you will need internet access and an email address. Each 4-H'er will need their own unique email address to register. See questions and answers below for unique email suggestions.

  1. Go to campus.extension.org.
  2. Click on "Create New Account" in the login area on the left side of the page.
  3. Complete the Online form and click the "Create My New Account" button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Check your email account for a confirmation email from eXtension Campus Help Desk. If you do not see a confirmation email within 2 hours check your junk/spam folders first, then email campushelp@extension.org with your username and email address, and ask for a manual confirmation.
  5. Open the email and click on the confirmation link provided to confirm your account.
  6. A web page will open indicating that "Your registration has been confirmed."
  7. Use the search bar in the upper right hand corner to search for the "Livestock Quality Assurance" course.
  8. Click "Enroll Me"
  9. Scroll down to "Course Payment"
  10. Click "Course Payment Link" to pay your annual enrollment fee through UNL Marketplace.
  11. Follow the onscreen directions for the course payment through UNL Marketplace.
  12. Within the Livestock Quality Assurance course click "Code Redemption Link" and enter the redemption code provided to you in the confirmation email from UNL Marketplace.
  13. You are now fully registered for the course and can complete your course requirements.

I'm registered. How do I find the Livestock Quality Assurance Course again after today?

  1. Go to campus.extension.org and login (upper left hand corner) using your login and password.
  2. Within the "Navigation" block, you can click "My courses" to find all eXtension courses for which you are registered.
  3. If you are registered for other classes as well, click the "Livestock Quality Assurance" link located under "May Courses" at the bottom of the page. 
  4. There is annual fee for participating in Livestock Quality Assurance. Therefore youth will need to go to the "Course Payment" area of the class, and complete the Online instructions to pay the enrollment fee.

I'm registered and know how to login, but where can I find which modules I've already complete?

  1. Go to campus.extension.org and login using your username and password.
  2. On the navigation bar, click "Grade." A complete listing of all of your grades will be available so you can see which modules you have previously completed.
Will I be able to use the same Quality Assurance login and password throughout my 4-H career?
  • Yes. It is important for you to retain your login username and password, as your local Extension office will not be able to retrieve this information for you. If you have lost or forgotten your password, click the "Lost Password?" within the "Login" block.

I don't have an email account.

  • There are many free email services available, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. 

I have multiple children and I don't want to sign each of them up for an email account.

  • Many email services allow you to have alias addresses. For instance, if your email address is myaccount@mail.com and you have three children, you can list one child as myaccount+1@mail.com another as myaccount+2@mail.com, or with their actual names myaccount+lisa@mail.com. All four email addresses will confirm through one primary account, in this case myaccount@mail.com. Please contact your email service for more information about setting up alias addresses.


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