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Nebraska 4-H COVID-19 Response

Nebraska 4-H takes the health and safety of our community very seriously. For up to date information regarding Nebraska 4-H's response to COVID-19, including state-level event cancellations and postponements, visit

Virtual & At-Home Learning Resources

Looking for learning opportunities you can do from home? We've got you covered! Nebraska 4-H is now offering a variety of virtual learning experiences, such as Living Room Learning, Boredom Busters, and Virtual Field Trips. We've also collected some of our favorite activity guides that are perfect for hands-on learning at home. Discover everything we have to offer at

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4-H empowers young people to be true leaders. True Leaders are people who have confidence, will stick to a job until it gets done, and can endure through challenges. Communities across Nebraska need true leaders now more than ever. Discover ideas for helping your community and staying engaged at

In Nebraska, youth, ages 5-18, participate in 4-H through:

  • Camps - 4-H overnight and day camps offer recreational, educational, and even career exploration opportunities. 
  • Clubs - 4-H clubs are an organized group that meets regularly to focus on a series of educational experiences. Official enrollment is required.
  • School Enrichment - School enrichment programs offer non-formal, hands-on educational experiences in classrooms in support of school curriculum.
  • Afterschool - Afterschool programs meet between 3-6 PM to offer youth a safe, fun, and educational experience through hands-on activities and 4-H curriculum. 
  • Special Interest Programs - Special interest programs include short-term experiences, such as workshops or clinics, as well as experiences focused on a single topic or interest. 

Youth may alternatively enroll in 4-H as:

  • Clover Kids - Clover Kids are youth between the ages of 5 and 7. As an enrolled member, Clover Kids may also exhibit at county fairs.
  • Independent Members - Youth who choose not to be involved in a formal 4-H club may still join 4-H and enroll as independent members. 

When enrolling as a club or independent member, youth may select projects of interest which they complete throughout the year. Youth may then exhibit their static and live animals projects at their local county fair and the Nebraska State Fair. Regardless of specific project enrollment, all enrolled 4-H members may also participate in 4-H contests held at a county, district, state, regional, or national levels. There are many other programs offered to youth across the state, as well.

Additional opportunities may be offered on a local, county, or district level. Please contact your local Extension office for more information about specific opportunities available in your area.


The events listed below are available to youth across Nebraska. The list includes opportunities offered at county, district, state, regional, and/or national. Some opportunities below are only available for enrolled 4-H members while others are special programs which are not restricted to 4-H club members.

Some local, county, or district level opportunities may not be included on this list. Please contact your local Extension office for a complete list of 4-H opportunities available in your area. Additionally, there are events held at regional and national levels that may not be included on this list. To learn more about these, please visit

2021 Virtual 4-H Project Showcase

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Boredom Buster Challenge

Big Red Summer Academic Camps

Career Chat Live

Chick Days

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF)

Communication & Expressive Arts Program

Companion Animal Program


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National 4-H curricula are available for purchase through Shop 4-H. Additionally, Shop 4-H has a large variety of 4-H themed materials, such as apparel, promotional merchandise, and pins and recognition items.

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