Employee Resources: Signature Outcome Teams

4-H Action Team

The 4-H Action Team provides the direction and mechanism for Nebraska 4-H programming statewide.

Through the work of the teams, client needs are assessed, priorities are identified, educational outcomes are defined, programs are delivered, and impacts are reported.

It is the expectation that each Extension faculty member will contribute to the action team process. It is how we do our work.

2012-17 Strategic Plan Outcomes         Evaluation Tools         4-H Action Team Roster

Signature Outcome Team Work Group Structure

Work Groups will be aligned around the five outcomes areas. Each work group will develop, deliver and evaluate a program that can be replicated statewide. Programs must be supported by curriculum.

Leadership for each work group will be provided by one member of the State Office staff and county-based Educator.

Each work group will be tasked with a teaching, resource, and professional development components.

Other supports are being established for communication, evaluation, resource formatting and youth development.

Work Group Expectations

Each work group will develop and administer a ten hour program targeting their outcomes. The curriculum to support this program will be identified prior to fall conference.

Assistants will be accountable for delivering the program in their county and Educators will be expected to teach in multiple counties.

Each work group will develop and administer a professional development opportunity for staff and volunteers that provides the necessary training to carry out your program and capacity building toward reaching the outcomes.

Each work group will develop resources (kits, lesson plans, etc.) that are necessary for their curriculum based program. Materials will need to be consistently formatted. All those lessons or activities that are appropriate for grab and go's should be labeled as such.

The goal is to deliver the work group programs in as many counties as possible. Work group Educators should seek out additional teaching sites and all staff should work to secure the programs they would like to see delivered in their counties.

Work Group Leader Role

  • Oversee the development and delivery of the program, professional development and resources.
  • Report work group rosters to the action team leaders.
  • Schedule conference calls/meeting times: Recommended times include, Nov. (Fall Conference), Jan. (January In-service), March, May, July and Sept. (State Fair)
  • Ensure notes are taken at each meeting and provided to the Action Team Leaders to be posted online.
  • Communicate meeting dates and times and appropriate updates to the Action Team Leaders to be shared on the web and in alerts.
  • Schedule and communicate the dates and locations for teaching sites and the professional development opportunity.
  • Assist the work group with the development of their e-ARFA goals related to the work group outcomes.
  • Coordinate State Fair activities for your group.
  • Work with the Action Team Leaders to ensure developed resources are appropriate formatted and available online.


  • Each group will have $750 of program development money to be used to purchase curriculum or supplies.
  • Educational Media funds will be available again this year.
  • Revenue generated through programs.
  • Use of the conference line for work group calls
  • Adobe Connect

Signature outcome team resources