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4-H afterschool volunteers assist in coordination and program delivery during times that K-12 students are not in school.


  • Understand the spirit of 4-H and implement a program which aligns with positive youth development
  • Utilize 4-H and Extension approved curricula
  • Priority will be given to programming topics: healthy living, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), citizenship, and leadership
  • Assist in promotion and logistics (equipment, materials, etc.) of program
  • Deliver programming independently and/or collaboratively with 4-H staff and others
  • Maintain regular contact and communication with 4-H staff

Necessary Skills

  • Ability to provide positive reinforcement and age-appropriate activities
  • Knowledge, expertise, or training in the curriculum topics


  • Will work primarily with youth, but parents can/should be involved in 4-H projects as 4-H is a family affair
  • Will work cooperatively with and communicate with county Extension staff, organizational leaders, project leaders, and teen leaders


  1. Complete the youth safety screening process
  2. Complete volunteer application
  3. Complete at least 2 hours of volunteer training annually
  4. Complete new volunteer training
  5. Review and sign Activity Worker Guidelines

Time Commitment

  • Programming can take place during any time of the year. Time requirements will be what is necessary to deliver the specific program implemented. Programming can occur before or after school hours, teacher workdays, school holidays, summer months, and/or weekends.