A Toolkit for Volunteer Leaders

A Toolkit for Volunteer Leaders is a resource used to prepare non-formal educators and volunteers for working in educational programs outside the traditional school system. This Toolkit was created between 1986 - 1995 for use by community leaders in rural areas who may not have access to the resources to provide workshops in their hometowns. Primarily, it addresses the needs of Extension Educators and volunteers recruited to work with 4-H, community development projects, master gardeners, and advisory committees.

The toolkit consists of seven categories that contain a total of 79 modules. Each module is broken down into specific components, providing abundant research, examples, and activities to properly prepare educators. A Toolkit for Volunteer Leaders is designed to be utilized at the educator's own pace and in their order of interest. By the time you have completed the Toolkit, you will be equipped with the proper information to help you in your leadership position!

  • Leadership - Module Topics: Leadership Styles, Teamwork, Conducting Meetings, Small Group Dynamics, Setting Personal Goals, Organizing Committees, Self Image, Mentoring, Decision Making. 
  • Educational Design - Modules Topics: Learning Theory, Principles of Adult Education, Nonformal Education, Program Planning, Needs Assessment, Setting Priorities, Writing Objectives, Assessing Resources, Writing a Plan, Program Evaluation, Calendar of Activities, Curriculum Development, Mission Statement, Organizational Philosophy.
  • Program Management - Module Topics: Social Action Process, Implementing a Plan, Managing Conflict, Time Management, Stress Management, Using Advisory Groups, Marketing Programs, Budgets, Reporting to Sponsors, Inter-Organization Coordination.
  • Voluntarism - Module Topics: Basic Human Needs, Job Descriptions, Recruitment, Motivation, Orientation, Supervision, Inservice Training, Recognition, Legal Consideration.
  • Personal Development - Module Topics: Ages and Stages of Youth, Family Strengths, Values Development, Cultural Awareness, Career Skills, Current Issues, Problem Solving. 
  • Communication - Module Topics: Interpersonal Communication, Listening, Public Speaking, Writing, Non-Verbal Communication, Preparation to Teach, Teaching Behaviors, Using Teaching-Learning Techniques.
  • Learning/Teaching Techniques - Module Topics: Workshop; Lecture; Brainstorm; Overhead Transparencies; Slide Shows; Newsletter; Farm-Home Visit; Writing a Technical Bulletin; Tour or Field Trip; Self-Training; Simulation Games; Public Policy Education; Role-Play; Video Tapes; Case Study; Educational Fair; Judging; Method Demonstration; Telephone; Correspondence; Exhibits, Posters, and Bulletin Boards; Cone of Experience.