LOCATED AT: Nebraska State 4-H Camp and Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center

The TRUST Course (Teams Reaching Understanding and Success Together) is a unique program that provides groups and individuals the opportunity to develop eight skills: Teamwork, Trust, Leadership, Communication, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Self-Esteem, and Planning.

Our TRUST courses provide participants of all ages the unique educational experiences that are fun, active, challenging, and places a high level of expectation within an atmosphere of support and caring.

The TRUST Course program involves a sequence of hands-on and experiential activities that incorporate all individuals into significant roles of contribution, trust, and support within the team. The facilitator guides participants through stretching, trust building, problem solving initiatives, low ropes course elements and high ropes course elements. The greatest benefit of the TRUST Course experience is the atmosphere of support, caring and fun which results when people unite in purpose to achieve a common goal!

Low Elements

Initiatives are one portion of the TRUST course that gets everyone in the team and group involved. There are a series of low elements (activities) to challenge groups by completing team building initiatives. Low elements are 3-10 feet above the ground or less. Low elements do not require the use of belays or ropes.

High Elements

High elements require the use of ropes and belay equipment and other safety gear. Participants will climb to a height greater than 10 feet. Team members enjoy the challenge of the high ropes course. As an experience evolves, participants are higher off of the ground as they navigate across the "High Wire/Pole Course" or climb the "Climbing Tower" then repel down. Participants also have the opportunity to zip down the "Zip Line." High elements provide a challenge for individual participants; however, with group support, they can push their boundaries and overcome personal obstacles.

  • TRUST Course
    Photo taken at Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center.
  • TRUST Course
    Photo taken at Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center.
  • TRUST Course
    Photo taken at Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center.
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