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In 4-H, we believe in the power of young people. We see that every child has valuable strengths and real influence to improve the world around us. We are America's largest youth development organization - empowering nearly six million young people across the U.S. and 140,000 across Nebraska with the skills to lead for a lifetime. We do this through clubs, camps, school enrichment, afterschool, special interest, and clover kid programs.


recreational, educational, and career exploration opportunities for youth ages 5-18.

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organized groups of youth ages 8-18 who meet regularly to focus on a series of educational experiences

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informal, hands-on educational experiences in classrooms supporting school curriculum

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safe, fun, and educational experiences for youth between 3-6 p.m.

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unique workshops, clinics, and courses focused on a single, specific topic of interest

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non-competitive experiences and opportunities for youth ages 5-7

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  • Maysa Jones created her own awards jacket with iron on vinyl and created a white eyelet top and denim embroidered shorts.

    Tyler Collins (13), Hall County
    Sheep Project

    "It was very rewarding as we were worried we'd lose the lamb as it was very weak along with its mother after a C- section surgery. We dried it off, fed it first milk, and had to even girgle baa to his mother so she'd claim it when she came back under anesthesia."

  • Maysa Jones created her own awards jacket with iron on vinyl and created a white eyelet top and denim embroidered shorts.

    Maysa Jones (11), Custer County
    Home Environment Project

    "I love creating clothes that I can customize. I also love modeling my creations. I learned how to pull images from the internet and convert them to files for the cutting machine to cut out the vinyl. I learned how to weed the vinyl image and press it on with a press that is 320 degrees HOT! Sewing the ruffle sleeves and the darts on my white top was a new skill as well as perfectly matching the eyelets at the side seams and the scalloped edging along the hem of the shirt. "

  • Harrison Koehn shows off the table he upcycled for a 4-H home environment project

    Harrison Koehn (14), Cass County
    Home Environment Project

    "I added tile to this recycled table so it has a waterproof surface for growing plants. The table surface has slightly rounded edges, so it was difficult to cut the tile to fit perfectly. I learned that using new materials can greatly improve a project. I found this waterproof, oilproof stick-on tile product and it worked perfect for this application."

  • Emma Kroll shows offer her 4-H cat project

    Emma Kroll (11), Phelps County
    Cat Project

    "I was nervous to do this for the first time and worried about being able to share the knowledge I learned with someone I didn’t know. But I just went for it! "

  • Anna Macklin shows offer her aerospace model rocket 4-H project

    Anna Macklin (8), Webster County
    Aerospace Project

    "I loved doing this project with my Dad! This was his favorite project when he was in 4-H and this was my first year in 4-H and I was excited to do this project with his help."

  • William Gaswick's favorite 4-H project was the book shelf he made

    John Sump (15), Lancaster County
    Photography Project

    "I learned how to follow the rule of thirds in the photography. I was at the lake fishing that evening, and did not intend to take any pictures. I learned the importance of catching the right photo at the right moment. I really liked the stillness of the water and the lone branch sticking out of it. The reflection with the cloud formations adds to the beauty of the lake. It reminds of the Rorschach test, commonly known as an ink blot test."

  • xxx

    Ashley Bauer (13), Buffalo County
    Clothing Project

    "This year, I wanted to create a tank top to support my friend, Lily. Lily was born with a rare heart condition, spent her first 22 days in the NICU, and at 5 months old had her first open heart surgery. When I wear this shirt, I hope people will stop and ask what my shirt means so I can tell them about Lily, the strongest little girl I know."

    "I used the VE LXI Master Plus program to make my design. I then cut the design on the vinyl machine. I used the clam press to press the vinyl on my tank top. I was able to model it in the Buffalo County 4-H Fashion Show and enter it in the Buffalo County Fair."

  • Parker Robinson shows off a 3-D printed ear saver he created using computer science skills he learned through 4-H

    Parker Robinson (13), Butler County
    Community Service Project

    Parker, a FIRST LEGO League team member, printed ear savers for healthcare professionals using computer programming and 3-D printing skills he learned in 4-H. He mailed over 100 ear savers across Nebraska and delivered a larger order to the Lincoln VA.

  • Jarrett Althouse's citizenship project posed for a photo

    Jarrett Althouse (10), Polk County
    Citizenship Project

    "I chose the United States of America flag as it represents freedom, justice, veterans who died, and armed forces past and present serving our country."

    "I learned to be patient and to have a steady hand in building a project I love."

  • MaKenzie Borwege riding her horse

    MaKenzie Borwege (8), Howard County
    Horse Project

    "I learned there are a lot of tricks and details that go along with showing. I learned how to ready my horse for a show and saddle him by myself. I also learned a lot more about how to correctly cue my horse while riding and leading him. I can't wait to learn more and show again next year!"

  • Ella Hendricksen's strawberry rhubarb pie 4-H project

    Ella Hendricksen (16) Lancaster County
    Food & Nutrition Project

    "I love baking and trying new recipes, so this pie was definitely in my wheelhouse. I wanted to create a unique pie crust design that would stand out and truly show my abilities. I made the pie crust by scratch and then I cut it into circles and linked them together like a chain. Finally I laid them out on top of the filling to truly create this elegant design. My pie also earned the top cake or pie award at the Lancaster county fair. I was very honored to have my talents recognized in this way and I am very proud of the accomplishment. I was able to truly grow my skills as a baker from this project, and I enjoyed making it as well."

  • Cody and Wyatt Brockman made cookies and cards for local nursing home residents

    Cody (13) and Wyatt (15) Brockman, Nuckolls County
    Community Service Project

    Cody and Wyatt made cookies and handmade cards with messages like "Have a Great Day" and "Hope Your Day is Bright!" for local nursing home residents. Cody and Wyatt shared: "It was a great experience, and the staff expressed their gratitude. It fet good to help brighten a day."

  • Megan Macklin shows off the shirt she made for her 4-H home environment project

    Megan Macklin (10), Webster County
    Home Environment Project

    "I made this using the laser cutter that was on loan at my local library from Innovation Studio. I enjoyed using technology to create this piece!"

    "I love the musical Hamilton! This was one of my favorite projects, making a plaque with the Hamilton logo and words to the song titles from the musical."

  • Adriana Hernandez's 4-H rabbits

    Adriana Hernandez (14), Washington County
    Rabbit Project

    "I learned to never give up and to trust my gut. I have put in the hard work and done the research so I really do know what I am doing even though I am just fourteen. But I also realize it is important to keep learning and surround yourself with good mentors who can answer my questions and help me learn more. I also learned a lot about biosecurity and the measures you should take to keep your animals safe. So those required Quality Assurance modules really do come in handy!"

  • Joslyn and Maggie Stamp made and delivered signs to the homes of kindergartners to help them celebrate their graduation

    Joslyn (12) and Maggie (7) Stamp, Cass County
    Community Service Project

    Maggie and Joslyn made and delivered yard signs to the homes of kindergartners to help them celebrate their graduation. In total, they made 48 signs and spent over 4.5 hours delivering them throughout the community.

Learning by Doing

Youth need opportunities to learn by doing, grow from failure, express their ideas, and use their influence to drive positive outcomes. That's why hands-on projects are an integral part of the 4-H experience.

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Statewide events & opportunities

Youth are encouraged to participate in programs, events, and contests related to their 4-H project. Along with learning about specific subjects, youth practice life skills, such as responsibility, goal setting, and communication. The focus of these opportunities remains the total development of the young person. 4-H projects, contests, and shows are utilized as a vehicle for human growth and development.

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Statewide News & Events


Jaylea Pope, Nebraska 4-H member, earned first place overall individual in the national 4-H livestock judging contest at the North American International Livestock Exposition

Nebraska 4-H members claim top awards at national livestock contests

Twelve Nebraska 4-H members traveled to the 2023 North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky, to participate in national 4-H livestock competitions. In addition to the memories of a once-in-a-lift experience, youth brought home top awards.

STEM CARES re-invigorates rural communities through youth development

STEM CARES re-invigorates rural communities through youth development

With the goal of re-invigorating rural communities following the pandemic, STEM CARES addressed the needs of communities across the state, provided paid jobs and professional development for teens, and delivered high-quality learning experiences to children. STEM CARES engaged young people across 21 counites through after-school programs, day care centers, summer school programs, 4-H clubs, and libraries. The program was provided at no cost to parents or program providers through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic (CARES) Act funding.

4-H Foundation Commits $2 million to Sandhills Discovery Center

Nebraska 4-H: 5 underrated, practical projects

We all know about the 4-H livestock, cooking and sewing projects. But with nearly 50 projects to choose from, there are likely some you aren’t familiar with. These five often-overlooked projects offer real-world skills and unique experiences.

Molly Brandt, Nebraska Extension educator, helps volunteers mix plaster of Paris.

4-H Volunteer Road Show: Helping youth thrive through leader development

On Tuesday 4-H club & project leaders gathered in York for the Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Road Show. They learned how 4-H helps young people thrive by providing a place to belong, matter and explore their spark. To help youth discover their spark, volunteers were introduced to entry-level projects and bite-sized activities that can lead to fair exhibits.

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