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Interested in Judging?

Adults interested in judging county and state 4-H projects, including live animal shows, static exhibits, and contests, are invited to complete the Judges Sign Up Form. By completing the online process, you agree to be screened according to the 4-H Youth Safety Policy, verify your receipt of the UNL Activity Worker Guidelines, and sign the 4-H Code of Conduct. Once the screening process is complete, your information will be made available to county Extension offices and State Fair 4-H superintendents. Those interested in hiring you to judge will contact you directly.

The 2025 registration will open on July 1 and close on September 30, 2024.

Judges Training

After completing the judges registration form, please review the appropriate training materials below.


Judges Training Introduction
4-H Ribbon Placings

4-H Judging Philosophy & Ribbon Meaning

Ages & Stages
Learning Process Making Judging part of the Learning Process

We are excited that you have chosen to help expand a young person’s experience by being a 4-H judge. As part of your role, we want to prepare you not only as it related to content but also as it pertains to the entire youth development experience. The three-minute video below is designed to help you think about your role as a judge and the kinds of views we bring into the experience. As you watch the video below, some questions to think about:

  • What kinds of feelings do you bring into the judging experience?
  • How do your past 4-H (or other experiences) influence your role as a 4-H judge?
  • What are some unconscious biases you might have about a 4-H’er you will be judging?
  • What are the unconscious biases the 4-H’er might have about you?
  • What might you do/say to make sure the 4-H’er has the most positive experience?
Interview Judging

Practical Strategies for 4-H Interview Judging

Static Projects


4-H Entomology Guide for County and State Fair Judges - Insect Collection, Classes 1-3


Foods Project Judging Webinar | Survey

4-H Foods Judging Guide

Judges Training - Foods

Home Environment

Home Environment Judges Training presentation


Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit for Exhibits at County Fairs and the Nebraska State Fair (4H226)

Human Development

Human Development judging training slideshow


4-H Photography Judges Training Overview (04/22/20)

Quilt Quest

Quilt Quest Standards for Judging

Science, Engineering, Technology & Math (STEM)

Science, Engineering, Technology & Math (STEM) Judge's guide slideshow

Animal Projects


Horse Judge Information provides resources intended to help you as a 4-H horse show judge, including the most current 4-H Horse Show and Judging Guide, patterns, and scoresheets.


4-H Livestock Judges Resource - Questions, Feedback, & Confrontation

Companion Animal

Nebraska 4-H Companion Animal Judges Workshop is an online training opportunity for adults interested in judging 4-H companion animals. The course is designed to help new judges learn more about the project areas they might judge and prepare for the 4-H judging experience. This online course provides information about judging:

  • Cat
  • Rabbit
  • Poultry

For questions about this program or the information on this page, please contact: