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Adults interested in judging county and state 4-H projects, including live animal shows, static exhibits, and contests need to complete the Judges Registration. By completing the judges registration online process, you are agreeing to be screened according to the 4-H Youth Safety Policy. Once the screening process is complete, registration information will be supplied to county Extension offices and State Fair 4-H superintendents. Those interested in hiring you to judge will contact you directly.

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Training Videos

The following training resources have been developed by Nebraska 4-H staff to prepare 4-H judges in their effort to create a positive experience for youth at county fairs across the state and at the Nebraska State Fair. 



Ribbon Placings

Ages & Stages

Interview Judging

Practical Strategies for 4-H Interview Judging


STEAM Clothing Introduction

Preparing Clothing Exhibits

Home Environment

Quilt Quest

Quilt Quest Standards for Judging

Quilt Quest Part 1: Preparing to Judge

Quilt Quest Part 2

Quilt Quest Part 2: Presentation of the Exhibit

Quilt Quest Part 3: Creativity & Design

Quilt Quest Part 4: Workmanship