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Nebraska 4-H Policy & Procedures Handbook

The Nebraska 4-H Policy & Procedures Handbook is an established set of rules, recommended guidelines, and implementation procedures for 4-H programs across the state. 

Promotional Resources

Nebraska 4-H celebrates many events throughout the calendar year. Find a complete list of these events, as well as promotional resources for clubs, members and volunteers to use when hosting their own celebrations.

Name & Emblem Guidelines

The 4-H name and emblem are protected under federal statute Title 18, U.S. Code 707. Clubs, members, and volunteers are permitted to use the 4-H name and emblem once their program is chartered with the official 4-H Charter from 4-H National Headquarters.

National 4-H

4-H's reach and depth is unmatched. Through a community of 100 public universities, 4-H reaches kids in every corner of America – from urban neighborhoods to suburban schoolyards to rural farming communities. 


pick your project

The Pick Your Project is an online project selection guide for finding both county-only and state fair eligible 4-H fair projects and their resources. Users can search by keywords or browse by curriculum area, knowledge level, and geographic level.

Looking for a printable list of Nebraska 4-H projects? Download the 2019 Nebraska 4-H Project Listing.

Pick Your Project


The activities and events listed below are available to youth across Nebraska. The list includes opportunities offered at county, district, state, regional, and/or national. Some opportunities below are only available for enrolled 4-H members while others are special programs which are not restricted to 4-H club members.

Some local, county, or district level opportunities may not be included on this list. Please contact your local Extension office for a complete list of opportunities available in your area. Additionally, there are activities held at regional and national levels that may not be included on this list. To learn more about these, please visit

* 4-H membership enrollment not required


UNL Marketplace

Nebraska developed curricula are available for purchase through the UNL Marketplace. Additionally, UNL Marketplace also has a variety of Nebraska 4-H promotional merchandise.

UNL Marketplace

national 4-H shop

National 4-H curricula are available for purchase through Shop 4-H. Additionally, Shop 4-H has a large variety of 4-H themed materials, such as apparel, promotional merchandise, and pins and recognition items.

Shop 4-H


AgCiting Science App

AgCiting Science Adventure

The AgCiting Science web-based app is available for use in school enrichment programs, afterschool programs, and beyond. Through the AgCiting Adventure, students use basic agriculture production practices to complete the growth and harvest of the components of their breakfast. While gaining agricultural literacy knowledge participants utilize math, motor, and problem-solving skills to follow a recipe.

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Career Explorer

Career Explorer

Career Explorer will help you connect the dots between the choices you make every day and the opportunities you could have in the future. At each stage of the game you will be able to enter the workforce, get additional education, or explore training programs. At the conclusion of the game you will have the opportunity to email the results to yourself with tips on how to make that career a reality in your life.

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Health Rocks! Carnival

Health Rocks! Carnival

Health Rocks!® is curricula for a healthy living program targeted at young people ages 8 to 14. Health Rocks! helps youth develop life skills in the area of critical thinking, decision-making, communication, managing feelings, stress management and goal setting; in turn building resiliency skills, and promoting the resistance of risky behaviors.

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