Statewide Events & Opportunities

The events listed below are available to youth across Nebraska. The list includes opportunities offered at county, district, state, regional, and/or national. Some opportunities below are only available for enrolled 4-H members while others are special programs which are not restricted to 4-H club members.

Some local, county, or district level opportunities may not be included on this list. Please contact your local Extension office for a complete list of 4-H opportunities available in your area. Additionally, there are events held at regional and national levels that may not be included on this list. To learn more about these, please visit

2022 4-H Project Showcase

Ag Innovators Experience

Awards & Recognition

Boredom Buster Challenge

Big Red Summer Academic Camps

Career Chat Live

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF)

Communication & Expressive Arts Program

Companion Animal Program

Community Service Showcase

Connecting the Dots

County Fair

Family Fun Night


Horse Program

Imagine Science

Innovative Youth Corn Challenge


Launching Nebraska-nauts

Livestock Program

Living Room Learning

Mapping Your Success

NASA 4-H Virtual Science Sessions

National 4-H STEM Challenge

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