Nebraska State Fair

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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Nebraska State 4-H Dog Show

The State 4-H Dog Show and Skillathon Contest offer 4-H members opportunities to demonstrate their skills with their canine companions and test their knowledge of dogs. This year's events will be held at the Nebraska State Fair on Sunday, August 28, 2022

Interested in volunteering? Nebraska 4-H relies heavily on volunteers in the days leading up to and during the Nebraska State Fair. Visit the State Fair 4-H Volunteer page for more information.

Enrollment Deadline

Youth interested in participating in the Nebraska State Fair must complete enrollment by June 15.

Enrollment Instructions

Vaccination Certification

Dog vaccinations must be up to date and not expire before August 28, 2022. All 4-H Dog Show exhibitors must submit a Dog Vaccination Certification (SF263) for each dog being shown. The form must be signed by a veterinarian. Dog Vaccination Certification Forms must be submitted to your local county office by August 10.


All 4-H Dog Show and Skillathon entries must be made in ShoWorks before 8:00 PM CST on August 10. This entry process must be completed by the 4-H exhibitor (or their family). Fees must be paid for using a debit/credit card. There are no other options for payment.  

Enter Dog Show/Skillathon

Participant Letter

Dog Show Exhibitor Letter (2021)

Schedules & Show Programs

Show Programs - Show programs will be uploaded as they are finalized. Programs are also available in the Nebraska State Fair 4-H mobile app.

4-H Schedule (2021)

Dog Skill-A-Thon Resources




  • K-9 Structure and Terminology–Step-by-step guide that provides information on the anatomy of dogs and provides an understanding of how their body's work as well. Gilbert, E.M., & Brown, T. R. (2001). K-9 structure & terminology (Second ed.). Wenatchee, Washington: Dogwise Publishing.
  • PAWsitively Youth: A Guidebook about dogs for community Outreach Leaders - Topics addressed include safety, basic nutrition, anatomy, and health care. Breeds of dogs, ethics, and careers for people who work with dogs are also explored. Palmer, D., Wiesen, B., E. Noble (2008). Ithaca, NY: Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Sevice. ISBN 978-1-933395-19-7
  • Campbell, Karen L., and John R. Campbell. Companion Animals: Their Biology, Care, Health, and Management. 2nd ed., Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009.

  • The Complete Dog Book for Kids, Official publication of the American Kennel Club, copyright 1996 and AKC's Guide to Purebred Dogs poster. The complete dog book for kids. (1996). New York: Howell Book House.

General Rules

4-H General Rules

Show/Contest Rules

Please refer to the following pages and resources for specific species/show rules, guidelines, entry limits, class descriptions, scoresheets, and forms.

For questions about this program or the information on this page, please contact: