Nebraska 4-H Program Priority

Agriculture & Food Systems

students watch as tractor drives across field

Nebraska 4-H Youth Development Program Priority

Agriculture & Food Systems

Nebraska 4-H works to ensure that Nebraska youth have a knowledge and appreciation of Nebraska's largest industry: agriculture. Through food supply confidence programs, youth gain an understanding of where their food comes from, develop positive attitudes and interests regarding their local agriculture, advocate for agriculture in Nebraska, and become informed consumers who advocate for agriculture in Nebraska. 

Through these programs, youth practice critical life skills, including


Responsibility Citizenship


Critical Thinking


Concern for Others




Wise use of resources


Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Signature Programs


Ag Literacy Festivals

Grades 3-5

Ag Literacy Festivals give youth an opportunity to gain knowledge regarding agriculture, Nebraska’s largest industry through sessions including but not limited to technology, careers poultry, pork, beef, dairy, water, horse, sheep, goats, corn, and soybeans.


Animals Inside & Out

Grades 3-5

Through the Animals Inside & Out program, youth will experience the science of body systems through the lens of animal science as they gain knowledge and understanding of the agriculture industry and increase awareness of careers related to animal science through hands-on sessions.



All Ages

By participating in the Embryology program, students experience the science of life cycles through the incubation, development, and hatching of poultry. Additionally, gain knowledge of poultry production from farm to table.

Additional Statewide Programs

AgCiting Science

Through the AgCiting Science program, youth in grades K-2 gain awareness of how many products come from agriculture.

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